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    Minor Error

    Bone Setter should be a lich as its face looks like the other lich counter parts of the base set 2
    it should not be a human wizard
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    Im guessing that bone setters is still just a necromancer, who has not consumed the elixir of life proglonging that turns them into liches.

    Thats the lore reason for it not being a lich i suppose.

    Still, i find it weird that such a strong necromancer has not yet been made a lich.
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    that 1 mana lich of HoN can be a lich why not this more powerful card
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    Did you even read my post?

    Because lore, thats why.
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    He does look like a lich, though.

    The game is full of such inconsistencies. To name but a few:
    • Succubus, Lilim, Lashing Lilim, Thrall of Hatred, Wizard Tutor, Darkflame Fanatic, Void Arbiter and both Zefirias are not Flyers even though they obviously fly. I don't see why the game would not support Flyer Shooter if it supports Melee Shooter. These things should die to Air Trap and Father Sky's Wrath.
    • Fate Weaver and Fate Spinner are Melee creatures even though they're shooters in MM Heroes VI. (Namtaru Channeler is the melee form.)
    • Hangman Tree does not have Anchored.
    • The Banshee is not Unique, despite being "The Banshee" instead of just "Banshee".
    • Atropos is not Magic. What does he shoot then? I don't see a bow and arrows.

    Disclaimer: There would obviously have to be some rebalancing if these changes were made.
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    good point
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