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    Other game modes

    I'm wondering what other game modes there will be. Is what we're seeing in the demo the main MP mode? So there's that and something resembling a campaign. Three minute matches (plus one for prep = four) feel a bit short to me and I envisage sitting in lobbies for more time than I'm playing, and I'm not knocking the game cos I think it looks great at the moment, Terrorist hunt is an absolute must IMO, on bigger maps with some customisable options. I still play that now on occasion. They could do something really special with this I think. Plenty of maps too. Vegas 2 has about 20 maps I think.
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    Hi, other game modes will be announced at a later date.
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    Alright there Mush. Fair enough. I also just realised that it's actually three rounds per match so that's ok. How's this going to work out with the quitters? Can you join on the fly or come in on the next round or something? Are the microsoft dedicated servers being used? It's so important to get this right after the GRFS MP fiasco.
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    i hope for plant and Defuse
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