Hello, some of you might remember my tracks on Trials HD (e.g. this or this). Just released my first Evo track, though I've been building on Evo since it was released.

Kšppala. It's set in an under maintenance/abandoned holding tank at a water purification plant. Was shut down in '96 and is now only used by drunk goth kids (industrial decay is the perfect scene to ponder the futility of man) and the occasional trials rider.

Worked on this track for months, it's still not quite finished but I figured since I don't play anymore I might as well release it. It's a two obstacle ninja, if I had to rate it on that stupid scale I'd say level 1-2. Thanks to stiggy for testing.

And if you live in Europe you should by tapes from my label (that's kind of on hold) - anal desire. Thanks, cool.