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    Another Hacking/Invading WTF?

    So I'm in the last mission after the cemetery scene phone rings and talking to xxxx the call ends and BANG being invaded and instantly the circle appears..

    Really Ubisoft? I'm in a mission and about to continue to next spot and for the 1 second of free time between you stick someone in my game? What makes even less sense is that it took time to seek me out and choose me. I was probably still in the mission! Somehow it put the dude right beside me and then he escaped.

    You really are making this tough to like. I have two other wtf moments but this one pissed me off considering I could not dona dang thing
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    It's been my exeperience that a invasion happens every X time, if your in a mission/invasion or something else, the next time that you are available your put on the list, and iwht someone hunting every few minus...
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