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    Anyone know the max range of weapons, specifically the destroyer?

    Got killed like a muppet by a farming ambush because I was convinced I had established I was out of range. It seemed common sense that I must be, and his early shots (I literally spawned right into the sound of gunfire!) seemed to be falling short. I was tempted to quit, but I was surveying the scene looking for a way to flank him, then BAM, dead in one shot. I assume he switched weapons on me. Either he was cunning enough to lull me into thinking I was out of range and then pulled the destroyer on me, or maybe he was just an awful shot at first. But where I was standing I had no idea even that weapon could get me. Anyone ever tested and established the max range for the destroyer or other weapons?
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    I'm pretty sure it'll hit as far as it can see. If you can see the character; you can shoot it. That's my guess.
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