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    Black Flag: Cloud Saving Still Broken?

    Just trying to get confirmation or explanation on this, has cloud saves for AC4 been down for 7 months now? I see in December of '13 there is an official post about cloud saving being removed from the game. Did I make the mistake of buying this and assuming it worked as advertised? I have cloud saves tuned on in u-play and it's using all default directories and after a quick format and reinstall the saves did not sync back to my pc. Is this working as intended or did something go wrong somewhere? Thanks for the help.
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    Unfortunately no, cloud saves support for AC4 is dropped until further notice, it only syncs your achievements and UPlay rewards, i cannot say its not coming back, though no info about it either, so better to take manual backups. i'm sorry to say it but your saves are gone, you should have checked before formatting.
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