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    Assassins Creed 2 Uplay Points

    Hey there, I just finished assassins creed 2, but i didn't gain uplay points on escaping hideout ... what could be the reason? or is that a bug ?
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    did the action register in UPlay?

    if not, then repeat the mission and it might fix the issue, otherwise, please contact support as they can solve such kind of issues quickly, link is in my sign.
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    I didn't get Uplay points until after I sat through all the credits. Then I got "An old friend returns" 40 points. Where are achievements? Are they only available on the other game platforms, xbox etc.? Or do people call the "Actions" on Uplay achievements?

    I'm not sure you would actually have to sit through the credits, you might get them the first time you start the game after finishing?
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