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    I know I am going to get slammed for this, but why do we have all this music being posted that has nothing to do with ROCK Music? The game/application is called "ROCKSMITH" If it is not going to be a majority of Rock music then you should name it something like "GenreSmith" or "RealTime GuitarInstructor" ??? All I know is just about the last 2 months wotrth up DLC additions are pretty lame.
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    Hi SpaceAceFan1977,

    While Rock is definitely in our name, it is by no means a restriction on the genres we want to offer players the opportunity to learn.

    There’s plenty of more stuff on the way, and your future song suggestions are always welcome at our website: bit.ly/rsreq
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    Could you guys add the ability to search DLC by artist or song name on the web page?

    Also I think the web page is out of sync with the actual DLC. I couldn't find Yes on the web page. I was able to download it via XBox Live a few minutes later.
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    Originally Posted by np2091 Go to original post
    I'm not sure if I would want a cover, especially of Led Zeppelin.
    Technically it would be a cover of Led Zeppelin covering Joan Baez covering a song by Anne Bredon.
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    What are some examples of songs with techniques that aren't suitable for the interface?
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    Song request tracking

    As users of the game, and people such as myself who have hundreds of dollars just in dlc, just a thought, it would be cool since we log in when we suggest songs if you could have a tab on the site to see "progress" on our requests? Anything from letting us know what requests are being looked at, if attempts are being made to get the proper permissions even if you're working on getting it into the game. It would make us more enthusiastic about suggesting songs, bring us here more often to see what's new, and generally feel more listened to when other developers don't so much. It's also almost guaranteed revenue for you guys, if I see my request in in the works on becoming DLC, I am totally going to buy it and suggest it to everyone I know. I don't mind the money I've put into DLC because I love it, more DLC I love, I will always buy more!
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    why console version dlc never goes on sale?
    it’ll be great if dlc prices are adjusted to match between platforms. or even better if could be transferred.

    should I have to give up xbox then switch to pc?
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    Yes, by now you could have switched to PC and rebuilt your DLC library if that appeals to you
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    Bonjours il m'est impossible de me connecter a votre page http://rocksmith.com/songrequest pouvez-vous m'aider?
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    > Bonjours

    Remember when Rocksmith came out and they tried releasing international rocksmith dlc more often ?

    (All of the Hotei and Golden Bomber weeks)

    There are a lot of cool French songs they could have used...
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