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    Waiting to install PS4 DLC

    Hello I just purchased rocksmith 2014 (not the remaster) physical copy. I bought 2 songs, Tennessee whiskey and Stillborn, but they are showing waiting to install on the downloads list and if I hit start it says we can't find what your looking for would you like to search the store. I click that and it takes me to the remastered versions page. I have all the patches I believe its 1.12. They won't show up in the game at all. Im used to rock band just integrating the songs automatically. Im stumped. Ive restored my licenses, restarted the game, restarted the console and got nothing. Any suggestions?
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    toymachinesh's Avatar Senior Member
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    did you buy an imported copy by any chance?
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    Not to my knowledge. That was my thought as well but I got it off Amazon from a US company. How would I tell if it's an imported copy?
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    buy the game on the online ps4 sony store, but use the cable from your amazon copy.

    it'll be easier in the end.
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