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    Here's the full VoD of the interview on YouTube:

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    I watched the whole interview, good job Jason, I like to see a haven player doing this interview
    Simon seems really convinced about his job, thatīs good.
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    cool interview more pls (:
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    Oh, guys, you're gonna love Griffin Bane.
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    Originally Posted by Portios86 Go to original post
    Simon seems really convinced about his job, thatīs good.
    Simon seemed realy convinced about a lot of things that they have done bad so far...

    him being realy convinced is the least reassuring thing ...
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    The take i have on this game right now for standard is that when the expansion came out necro looked really strong, one of the main reasons is because of all the removal cards they have. It kind puts people off the idea of having too many big monster cards if the other guy has an answer for it every turn by just droping one card down. Oh you summoned 10/10 creatures? Remove.
    Best way to deal with that is rush, for example inferno with it's heavy emphasis on damage done indirectly damage to hero whilst rush heavy. Hence inferno became a thing.
    This is why i think ariana is the best choice as necro, she can really hurt rush decks with the stat saping whilst having earth and dark magic for remove...She has a huge edge over other hero's in necro in terms of balance. Lets not forget she can remove towers but i know a lot of people don't like using it.
    Orks, haven't been able to get a full handle on them, they look like the guys running the middle of the pack...with a good amount of tank fight.
    Hakeem however, has removal...add the djinns in there, and you have a god late game deck. Few cheese decks on academy but outside hakeem i don't know what they do .

    I can see how you are making hevan more relavant but it's still hard for them to deal with removal decks, and sancturay just seems weak to spells that do mass removal....for all the cards you put down to emphasis the next card...If you run low on cards whilst pumping out mobs of cards, double insect sworm will make you cry a lot. Hakeem will make you cry.
    Problem with relying to heavily on honor cards, if you clear the board...or get board control...it's a real problem for a team that NEEDS board control to win. They look more rush heavy than control heavy. Outside the honor mechanic, something else could help. One hit wonder doesn't always win. Once i get rid of the unique and wipe the board it's pretty much game from there.

    One thing i think sanctuary could do really well is combo decks. Instead of having to through 3-5 creatures down in your first 2-3 turns, perhaps 1 good combo in turn 4-5, whilst being a bit defensive. combo cards?
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    So stackable pretty much lets you turn a creature into a creature enchantment if you have a creature with the same name on the field... only it's worse in every conceivable way than an actual enchantment which are almost never played in the first place.I'm really hoping this isn't supposed to be the mechanic that saves haven or it sounds like they'll be even worse off than they are now.

    The only way I could see stackable being a viable keyword is if it was changed to being able to stack on any creature with the keyword, or if there's some creature that does really insane things when it reaches a certain stack size or maybe an ongoing fortune that does completely broken thing when you stack like a doubling season effect maybe.

    Either way, it'll need some insane synergy to be viable but their recent attempts to make creature enchantments playable (outside of OTK) and their general incompetence when it comes to haven for the entire history of the game doesn't fill me with much hope. Here's hoping they at least remove the win 5 games with haven daily.
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    As a haven player I understand your frustration Alamand, but lets give them another chance, the issues are deeply adressed, I suppose they are testing haven cards which were op in HoN, therefore unreleased with the expansion. I mean, this time we can think they are having more than enough time to fix the faction, it became something important for devs too.

    About stackable haven creatures, it depends on if they are token or give some kind of draw advantage. I would risk a creature playing it like a enchant, but only if Iīm not going to empty my hand and pay too many resources. They are testing and they say haven is too strong, they are even nerfing but, this time I guess they will release the card op if necessary, we canīt have 2 factions so underplayed in standard, specially a popular faction like haven. I have no doubts, haven will work, if op or fine I donīt know, but itīs going to work.
    Moreover, they will be able to modify cards without patches, so you canīt trust them this time, in a way or another, haven and sanctuary will work. In fact, Iīm quite worried about that new sanctuary creature with very nice stats and awesome ability.
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    Not sure how I feel about stacking. It just another bad mechanic that creates card disadvantage for you (a la Soulreaver, Enthrall, etc.). I don't think it will catch on.
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    I think the stack mechanic is (to) strong. Yes u can remove the whole stack with dark magic, but I don't know if u seen the stream yesterday. Haven has angels that make al humans untargetable. I can see a massive stack (16hp) + this angel which makes the stack almost unbeatable on the battleground by creatures. Which u don't want as i thought standard mode should be more about creature decks and less stall decks.

    In my opinion they will soon need to nerf the maximum hp of those stackable creatures (to 10hpMax or so) before it gets out of hand. But we will only know how this new mechanic will work after release! So interesting nevertheless :-)

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