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    they think we're folks

    They said: "Love, WD Team"


    3 weeks ago already, and we got nothing. For issues that they have never had to exist because they got 6 months more to develop the game.
    Why then you guys take 6 months more?

    If you say "Love", I say f*** you. With all respect on the world. ^_^

    Kind Regards, WD Team. I would like to never see you again.

    Originally Posted by Repente Go to original post
    god, can not wait for the PC patch..
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    I have uninstalled WD since being unable to get Pearce to stand upright from a permanent crouch... Has this occurred with others and has it been fixed in the next patch?
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    Is the patch out?? I got update on steam 58MB
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    Patch (it's 58.6MB) did NOTHING to stop, or even reduce stuttering on High or Medium textures.. Never again Ubisoft..

    SLI MSI 680 Twin Frozr
    Asus P8Z68 Deluxe
    i7 2600k @ 4.2
    8GB Mushkin Redline @ 1600
    Silent Pro 1200W
    Antec Nine Hundred Two
    Windows 8.1 / Linux Mint KDE
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    Was that update really the big patch we've been waiting for? If so, it did absolutely nothing for performance.
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    Still stuttering

    I cant believe even with the patch I cant play the game on ****ing high. A 780OC, 3770kOC'd, 16GB RAM, the game on its own drive and its still not possible for me to even play on high. Like how does a company make a game so badly I can understand it. Is it possible we can start trying to get refunds ? I bought a game that is dysfunctional.
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    Originally Posted by classick123 Go to original post
    Is the patch out?? I got update on steam 58MB
    It seems like yes from Uplay. There's update!!!!

    And all get back to normal. Thx Ubi. It was time already. Stuttering stay in game, true.
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    Originally Posted by J_Wise Go to original post
    Was that update really the big patch we've been waiting for? If so, it did absolutely nothing for performance.
    My game was relatively stutter free before the patch, but after downloading it, my game now stutters horribly! How could they make it worse?

    Their PC team must be incompetent!
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    Can anyone tell me where you down Update?, Thanks
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    Congratulations...you made it worse.

    System specs:

    Processor: Intel core i5 2400k
    RAM: GSkill ripjaw 1333Mhz 8GB
    G.Card: Nvidia GTX 760ti by Gigabyte
    120GB SSD
    2TB slave

    I do believe that this system should run ultra with no issues but to be sure, i have tried with medium and low as well.

    Guess what though, i am receiving random flashing on all static 3D models and on the sky sphere as well.
    Extreme input lag; we're talking around 50/60 ms here. It was previously around 30ish.
    The game is skipping frames irrespective of what the VSync is set to.

    All in all; you guys have absolutely ruined what could have been the best game in this half decade.

    Shoddy graphics (bait and swap much?).

    pathetic vehicular physics (sleeping dogs ish).

    very poor rendering and system utilization.

    Windows honestly asked if wanted to revert to windows classic to run the game on medium...
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