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    Tournament Feature Pack + Update Notes

    It's time for our first Feature Pack which includes a newly designed feature in Trials Fusion! Some of you have guessed at it being the return of Tournaments, and while that is correct, there have been quite a few changes to how this feature works.

    What are Tournaments?

    Tournaments are set of tracks that are played back to back with faults and time being added together. If you spend 30 seconds and get 1 fault on the first track, then those are added into your tournament score. If you don’t like a run you made on the second (or third/fifth/eighth) track, then you will need to start over from the beginning of the tournament.

    How are Tournaments different in Trials Fusion?

    Tournaments are no longer static sets of tracks. We will be able to create new tournaments, in new combinations, with different open times, as often as we would like. You’ll still be competing against your friends on the leaderboards, but each tournament is open for a limited time. You could participate in a 3 day Medium tournament consisting of 5 tracks that has prizing for the top 60% of players, or you could get pulled into an Extreme tournament that lasts a few hours and only awards the top 3 places.

    What happens when the Tournament timer hits zero?

    Make sure you don’t wait until the last minute to play in a tournament! If a tournament’s timer hits zero while you are still playing, then you will be taken back to the tournament’s menu with a DNF for that set (nobody likes to DNF!). Note that your best previous score for the tournament will still count.

    How many Tournaments are there?

    In order to foster the competitive spirit, three tournaments will be available at any given time, though there should always be a good mix of difficulties so everyone has something challenging that they can enjoy. At the launch of this Feature Pack we will have 30 tournaments that can cycle in and out of play.

    What place & prize did I get on a tournament?

    You can check out the notification area (left bumper on most consoles or Q on keyboard) and head to the Tournaments section to see your placing and collect your reward. If a tournament is still open, then you can continue to try for better times, as well as see your placing in the Tournaments section in the Ride category.

    Do I need to get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd to earn a Tournament prize?

    In most cases earning a tournament prize means coming it at a certain percentage of participants, such as the top 50%. In some rare cases a tournament may require you to be in first, second, or third place.

    What else is being updated?

    We have numerous fixes for Trials Fusion included in this Feature Pack, and we will continue to update features, such as Track Central, in future updates as well. For now, this is the full list of changes;

    General Bug Fixes:
    • Issues with entering a password containing any type of special characters either in the registration or log-in screen have been fixed.
    • The Season Pass check mark indicating successful activation will now show if it was not before.
    • Fixed issue where scores were sometimes failing to update to the leaderboard.
    • Notifications will no longer disappear from the notification center after going back to the title screen.

    Track Central:
    • When you mark a track as a favorite in Track Central, your selection will stay on that track.
    • After playing a track from Track Central and returning back to the menus, your selection should be on the last track you were playing.
    • The Track Central feed “Top Rated This Week” only updates when number of likes or dislikes has changed since the last day.
    • Fixed an issue that was making the client occasionally freeze when cancelling the launching of a custom track from Track Central.
    • Fixed an issue showing incomplete track lists when sorting tracks by Track Rating in Track Central.
    • Number of faults and time counter can now be observed on FMX tracks in Track Central Leaderboards
    • Saved searches in Track Central will no longer disappear if a player switches their Xbox Live accounts.
    • Top Rated feeds show only tracks released in the last 7 days.
    • Newest Beginner and Extreme feeds have been added.

    Track Editor:
    • When testing a track in the Editor, you can now press the LB or L1 on first checkpoint to skip the countdown.
    • A Scroll bar has been added to various segments of the Track Editor
    • Fixed an issue where controls became disabled in the editor.
    • Fixed various errors causing crashes in the Track Editor
    • One of these fixes deals with the complexity bar showing an incorrect total complexity, which could lead to instability in the editor.

    • FMX tricks that push the rider forward in speed runs no longer will do this.

    • The local multiplayer menu has been updated to be more usable.
    • Zoom controls are no longer active in the Garage when other menus (Notification center, Player quick stats, customization window) are active.
    • Users are now able to adjust colors for Light Up The Skies wheel set in the Garage.

    PC Specific:
    • Fixed issues that were causing the client to freeze when closing the game from the in-game editor.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing a crash in the in-game editor when using “move building” command on the seed building.
    • Fixed random crashes when deleting object from clue group.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing a freeze when selecting a track and cancelling before choosing a bike in the garage.
    • Fixed a crash when booting the game and having “My Documents” folder on a network drive.
    • Game now generates memory dump when crashing that can be sent to the dev team to help to investigate the issue.

    • Garage loading time decreased.
    • New options have been added to the graphic settings menu to help user to tweak performances: soft particles, particle resolution, and foliage.
    • Different optimizations have been added for low end GPU.

    • Fixed gamepad sticks dead zone issue to make it on par with consoles’ controllers.
    • Fixed keyboard controls on FMX, the biker won’t automatically keep doing FMX tricks after one has been performed.
    • When reaching the 5th checkpoint in Marina Mania and playing with Eyefinity/Surround resolutions, the camera now behaves properly.

    • Mouse cursor now disappears when using the gamepad.
    • Camera no longer moves automatically in Biker and Rider menus.
    • Improved mouse wheel handling in several menus.
    • Setting game options to “Ultra” will now persist through subsequent booting.
    • Sound settings are now saved properly.

    • Fixed place holder dialog message appearing when trying to launch the title through Steam after Uplay has been uninstalled.

    • The mouse cursor no longer moves erratically when selecting objects.
    • The distance that an object can be selected with the mouse has been increased.
    • The layer menu and create object menu can now be navigated with the mouse.
    • Icons now fit in the screen for all resolutions.
    • Fixed random crashes when deleting object from clue group.

    As always, please leave your feedback and let us know if you notice something that isn't working as you think it should!
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    Brilliant! The sun is shining, Fusion gets updated with new features and fixes and I'm stuck in work till 5:30pm... Roll on home time!!!
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    One thing missing from this list is the Time Splits, this was something Sebbi said was a big concern so I just wondered if you know when it will be fixed? The tournaments are well implemented, reminds me of SSX.
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    Hi Emcee,

    Can you precise what you mean by Time Splits? Is it the PC only issue related to the frame rate?

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    I noticed that the leader board overview when hovering on a track has been fixed so that my score appears in the middle rather than showing the top 5 of my friends
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    Originally Posted by En0- Go to original post
    Hi Emcee,

    Can you precise what you mean by Time Splits? Is it the PC only issue related to the frame rate?

    Hi En0 there is an issue where time splits only work if you have a ghost turned on. In the other trials games you could have a time split without this. Sebbi addressed this as not working properly and said it was something he would add to the list, just wanted to mention it in case it was forgotten?
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    I don't suppose they've improved the performance on the Xbox One version? Less vsync tearing for example?
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    Hello, when are the leaderboards going to get fixed. There are still like 6 people in the top 10 who are glitched which is really annoying and also on every track people still have their coffin runs, if the patch fixed FMXploit then why are the runs still working and also why are the times not removed or sorted out.
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    TC is still useless, because the 52 tracks limit for Favorites is still active...
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    Any word on Tournaments and there implication on global leaderboards?
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