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    Have a multiplayer mode with only hard and extreme tracks.
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    Private match scoring system improvement.

    Problem = People DNF in ninja tracks receive no points, which means there is no competitive drive among the players in the match who are unable to finish the track, but nonetheless make easily measurable differences of progress on said track.

    Solution = Add a scoring system that takes into account how far someone made it into a track before the ending timer expires.
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    - Some form of an alert when a match has been made even when you're tabbed out (PC version). A flashing taskbar button is noticeable enough and is used by many multiplayer games.

    - A viewable list of the current pool of tracks with the option to start playing them in SP mode (for practice). Knowing a track beforehand makes a huge difference. It can be easy to win even against top riders if you know an important (and easy to execute) time saver and they don't.
    Currently if you want to practice these tracks, you have to get into a MP match, memorise the options and then search for them individually in Track Central, single player and online multiplayer private match with checkpoints turned off (this can make some tracks impossible if they don't reset after returning to the starting point).
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