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    Swiss rewards after expansion?

    I posted this in the main topic but that whole conversation has a very clear direction on balance which overshadows my question

    Quick question about the new expansion and swiss rewards because it will affect how I affect my spending right now

    I assume 1st prize will be Griffin Bane Super Pack

    Will 2nd prize be
    A) BS2 Pack & Griffin Bane Back,
    B) Bs2 Pack & Hon Pack,
    C) Hon Pack & Griffin Bane Pack, or
    D) some kind of new Emilo's pack for the Base set 2 cards which give you a bit of everything?

    & what about the lucky prize?

    Thank you!
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    Based on the current setup:

    First place gets: Griffin Bane Super Pack
    Second place gets: Base Set 2 Pack + Griffin Bane Pack
    Random reward: Base Set 2 Pack + Tournament Ticket (1)

    I don't know why they would they change this formula.
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