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    How to Fix Splinter Cell Blacklist PC Crashes, Blackscreen, Freezes, Gamepad, Etc.

    Found this guide which might be useful for those who just got Splinter Cell Blacklist on Steam and getting crash issues, errors, etc: http://www.crashwiki.com/splinter-ce...e-unavailable/

    Hope this helps.
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    Lost link

    This is NOT helpful at all.
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    Crash issues fixed

    The torrent version for 'Splinter Cell Blacklist' will crash every 20-40 minutes because it could not be fully cracked (I tried every crash-fix) so don't even bother.
    Ubisoft sold to me (directly through Uplay) the 'digital deluxe' version for only $13.00 WOW!!

    This game is very sensitive to high refresh rates
    My nvidia setting was 2560x1440 @ 144Hz (some cut-scenes crashed the game)

    I customized a new refresh rate to 84Hz
    I turned off anti-aliasing
    I turned off Vsinc

    Then match Nvidia's custom refresh rate to game's configuration file:
    Go to … \Documents\Ubisoft\Blacklist\videoSettings.ini
    UseMotionBlur=1 (change to UseMotionBlur=0)
    UseBloom=1 (change to UseBloom=0)

    Finally, this game was released one week before Windows 8.1
    So, if you run Win10-64bit then:
    >>>RUN all game.exe files in "Compatibility mode" for "Windows 8"

    All other in-game graphic settings I maxed out to the extreme for Dx.11 candy.
    So I now run it in 'full screen' at 2560x1440 @ 84 Hz on my Geforce 1070-Ti

    In my last 10 hour game session it crashed only once, because I initially forgot to lower the refresh rate and to turn off anti-aliasing and kill Vsinc.
    This game is underrated; so far, I would give it a ballzy 9/10
    The game play at 'Realistic' difficulty is a cruel beast – oh yeah baby.

    And gosh darn it, do I ever miss Michael Ironside.
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