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    This need's to be sorted.
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    I've been drunk a lot in my life, and a lot more since this game came out. It's nothing like this game at all. It takes a few drinks to get drunk, not an instant thing. And despite what people say, you can "focus" if you really need to, say when trying to hit the toilet bowl or putting the moves on a hottie. It happens.

    To fix this game they need to make the spawns closer, and faster, and provide Aiden with a second chance, or multiple chances via double or nothing betting. They don't need to make it easier just less frustrating and more time efficient.

    I look forward to a resolution.
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    Drinking Frustration not Drinking Game

    I agree with most of the people in this forum thread:

    The drinking games are too difficult in Watch Dogs!

    It's mainly when there are the two circles that you have to get the two reticules into that I have not been able to get past, so i have not even seen the single circle with two reticules yet.

    I have everything else achievable in the game so far, at least that I can see, and my progression wheel has only one thing left: drinking game pass on level 10 for all three.

    I have the easy one, but not the medium or the hard.

    I've spent hours on it and I'm done until it's fixed.

    If it isn't fixed, I will not be purchasing the DLC or season pass to WatchDogs.

    The fix should be to make the movement of the two reticules easier, or simpler, AS WELL AS to add a "retry" after you fail, so that a player does not have to run back to the bar after one failure.

    I also think that focus should be able to be used.

    My other thought is that, this drinking game and the chess mini game both don't really allow you to use the other game mechanics of either hacking or focus, like the poker game does, so what does the drinking game even have to do with the concept behind Watch Dogs? Sure, OK some may say it's a part of life in Chicago. But only for a small number of people in Chicago who are into drinking until they pass out for money. I would rather play a drinking game where you have to try to parkour around the city while sloshed. It would be hilarious to play, watch, and fun!

    So in conclusion, while I cannot determine what moving circles into other circles has to do with "hacking" or driving or anything else in WatchDogs, the mini game is darned near impossible and needs to be fixed.

    I understand that Ubisoft has stated they are looking into the matter and looking towards a fix, but I want to re-iterate: I am not purchasing any DLC for WatchDogs until this is fixed.

    Ubisoft: Please address this issue quickly. It's making me nervous about Assassin's Creed Unity!

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    Hi guys -

    In case you missed it, the drinking games were retuned in a previous patch: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...tes-08-21-2014
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