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    Ultimate Saves Backup/Restore Tool for All Ubisoft Games

    Hello everyone,

    i have noticed that there are some people getting their saves corrupted in the past with AC4, cloud is not helping by restoring those saves, and here its happening again, couple of members created simple tools to backup saves for watch dogs, so since this is a common issue, i decided to create saves ultimate backup/restore tool which works with all ubisoft games that store saves into UPlay folder, here is how the tool works:


    NOTE: this is not an official tool created by Ubisoft, its a tool i created to help the community, Ubisoft has nothing to do with this tool nor sponsered, contributed and published it in any way.

    Originally Posted by Mr_Shade Go to original post
    Message from the Dev Team - just so people are clear:

    'As with all .exe's and 'tools' downloaded from the internet from unknown sources, please check the file carefully with your AntiVirus software before installing - Ubisoft is not responsible for any harm or damage caused by using this software'

    This is the main form, first thing you need to do is to click on SETUP at the top right to configure settings:

    Here is the setup form:

    1. Click on browse to find "UbisoftGameLauncher" folder which is main UPlay folder.
    2. Click on browse to set the backup folder which will be main folder for saves backup.
    3. Now once you configured the folders, click Discover Saved Games button. (NOTE, clicking the button more than once will not keep adding the games over and over, everytime the button is pressed, the tool will only add new games, if no new games available, then nothing will be changed, so its like refresh button). if you wish to remove any game from the list, then right click on the game and select remove.

    NOTE: there is a folder inside SaveGames with random characters, it looks like this XXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XX, this is your account ID, each user has an account ID, so when he/she logs into UPlay, it will create a folder with random characters inside saveGames to represent that account ID, its important to note that the tool doesnt support Multi-Login (users) saves backup, it will pick up the first folder (account ID) and work based on that, if you are the only user using UPlay, then there is nothing to worry about, otherwise, please make sure you only have one folder inside SaveGames.

    The tool will read all folders in "saved games" folder within UPlay and show them on the list. since every Ubisoft game has an ID now and no one can know all IDs for all games especially same game has multiple IDs for different editions and regions, also even for future games that have not been released, hence to that the list will show "Alias" (Game Name) same as "Game ID", however, you can edit the alias by selecting the game you want and click on Edit Alias button, as an example, the ID for AC4:BF is 273, so selecting it and clicking the button "Edit Alias" will show a form where you can edit the name and add an image so you can recognize this game when looking at it again, changing the image physical path will cause the image to be no longer shown in the tool, you need to update it in the tool to point to the new physical location, here is the Edit Alias form:

    Anyway, once you are done with configuring games' names and aliases, you can close the form, there is no save button as there will be a save confirmation when exiting the form, the reason for not adding a save button is because user might clear list and accidentally hit save, so better to keep it when closing the form with a prompt message to save.

    you can now select the game from the list above and do backup/restore saves, when you click backup, the tool will prompt you to add note which is optional:

    Now once the saves backup is processed, the tool will show it in the list:

    If you double click on any backup, it will show you the files that has been taken as backup:

    You can take as many backups as you want from any game, also you can take full backup from all games at once. if you no longer want a specific backup, you can select it and press "Deleted Selected Backup", this will not physically remove it from disk, it will remove it from the list and you will no longer see it.

    If you would like to restore a backup, select the backup you want and press Restore Saves for Selected Game, if the game already has saves stored, then the tool will move those to a folder called "OLD" inside its saves folder before copying the backup files.


    Tool require .Net Framework 3.5 to work, since it comes as part of windows 7, 8 and 8.1, it should work out of the box.

    since the tool requires admin privileges to run and some users exposed some concerns about it, then this requirement has been stripped off and it will run without admin rights, However, if you faced access denied errors then run the tool as admin.

    if you encountered any problems/bugs, please post the error message you are getting here, if there is a high demand on this tool, i might implement full game backups as well, so lets see how it goes.

    EDIT: Added auto backup support for any game with customized interval, just click AutoBackup and browse for game's exe, then define the interval and press save, once you run the game, it will be detected automatically and auto backup will kick in per the defined interval , you can configure auto backup for all games not only one game, when you play/switch different games, the tool will seamlessly backup the saves of the game you are running. if you no longer wish to run the auto backup for specific game, then just uncheck Enable and save. NOTE: when clicking AutoBackup, all changes made within Setup form will be saved, so be sure you are ok with the changes before clicking Auto Backup for any game as there will be no save prompt.

    Also Minimize to tray has been added so the tool hides in tray and taking auto backups while you are playing.

    Here is how the tool main form looks like if you configured all games's aliases with images:

    Common functionality for all Lists:

    1. Sorting by any column, just click on the column header to sort.
    2. Copy any value in the list to clipboard, hit right click while selecting any row and a "Copy" item will appear, you can choose what to copy to clipboard from "Copy" subitems.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the tool doesn't require installation, if you want to move it to a different folder, make sure you also move options.dat file, this file holds all of your configuration and customization, and also if you have start with windows option checked, you have to Uncheck --> Save --> Move tool --> Check --> Save, thats to update the startup registry key with the new path.

    Here is the download link:

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hh...isoftGames.rar
    Language Packs (Extract the archive in the same tool's exe folder) : http://www.mediafire.com/download/j5...guagePacks.rar

    Supported Languages:


    Updated 23-MAR-2015:

    1. Added Sort Ability to main Games List, in options/setup form you can specify to sort ASC/DESC or None.
    2. Changed the way the image is displayed in mainform and options/setup form, now it will be zoomed instead of stretched which will display more properly.

    Updated 26-JAN-2015:

    1. Added default sorting functionality to default the sorting to the specific column and order when you open the tool, look at image and new dropdowns for sorting, once you change any value in the dropdown, the games list will sort based on that and save as default sorting, note you still can sort by clicking on any column header.

    2. Now you can delete multiple backups as multi-selection has been enabled, note that you can delete only 5 backups at a time, a warning message will appear if you attempt to delete more than 5 backups, this is just to protect you from deleting all backups by mistake. however, since multi-selection has been enabled, if you mutli-select rows and pressed on any other button for backup/restore, the first item in the list will be processed, so better to just select one item for those functionalities.

    Updated 18-JAN-2015:

    1. Per Uranus888 request, I added Support for Localization by adding language dropdown to setup form, currently Localization files are being worked on, Uranus888 is working on German translation, once finished, it will be uploaded and just dropped into the tool's folder and it will be picked up automatically if you changed the language in setup form. if you are interested in translating to other languages, please PM me. However, this required to move all strings around, so if you see missing text in any messages or interface, please report back.

    The way it works:

    There is a master english version stored in the tool exe file, so if you dont want any languages, you dont need anything, if you want other languages, you need to download languages packs (will be uploaded once done), each language strings will be stored into a file called Localization.xml, this file should be placed into a specific folder corresponding to the language, as an example, for german, the locatization.xml should be located in "de" folder and so on, however, when downloading languages, they will be set properly into corresponding folders and you only have to copy them over.

    2. Added "Make Default View" to main form so when you open/start the tool , the Game you choose to be default view will be selected by default.

    Updated 15-JAN-2015:

    1. Added a check for "start with windows" option if changed before accessing registry to reduce the amount of "Access Denied" messages when the tool is running in non-admin account, so if the option is not changed while other options have, no registry access will be made and no error message will appear.
    2. The first game on the main form now will be auto selected when first launching the tool.
    3. Fixed Image getting stuck for a game when selecting another game that has no image.

    Updated 04-DEC-2014:

    1. Added Start With Windows Option (Will create registry key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run , However, you might get Access Denied error when saving this option, the tool will display a message with Access Denied to registry, to resolve this issue, run the tool as admin, set and save this option and then restart the tool without admin if you are freaking out that its running as admin) , however, all other options will not be affected and will be saved normally even with that error message.
    2. Added Start Minimized Option (this will start the tool minimized to tray whether you launched it or not with windows startup)
    3. Added Check when running the tool to not allow multiple instances to run.
    4. Added Browse Folder to right Click Context Menu in Main form to browse the backup saves for selected items.

    Updated 20-June-2014:

    1. Fixed some bugs
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    Hey Guys, i'm reviving this thread so for people who wish to automate saves backup instead of taking them manually since i've seen multiple posts about losing saves, this tool will automate saves backups , please note that there are no guarantees (i use it on daily basis with every Ubisoft game), the tool is provided as is and NOT SPONSORED NOR DEVELOPED by Ubisoft in any way please read the original post above.

    P.S: Feedbacks are welcome, please post here if you have any feedback about this tool, any off-topic comment will be deleted.
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    Altair1789's Avatar Senior Member
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    Thanks for taking the time to make a thread about this
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    Originally Posted by Altair1789 Go to original post
    Thanks for taking the time to make a thread about this
    Thanks man, really appreciate it
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    Fatal-Feit's Avatar Senior Member
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    So far, this program have worked brilliantly. I highly recommend it for EVERYONE who've dealt with lost save files/etc. Actually, I recommend it for everyone who uses Uplay, in general. For real, this program should be a standard. It's better to be cautious now than learn your lesson later.

    The only thing missing from the program is an auto start button for Windows. Some people might forget to boot up the program after restarting the computer/etc.
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    Thanks, YazX_, this should be a sticky.

    It's disappointing that, with all the fancy cloud tech, people have the need for a tool like this.
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    Nice one Yaz_X.. you are the best voluntary mod ever
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    Thank you guys for the feedback.

    Fatal, i'll add start with windows option soon.
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    that's so cool thanks
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    Is there a quick and efficient way to detect which saves belong to which game? Does 273 apply to ALL AC:IV saves, or just yours? Because if it applies to all, can someone tell me which # belongs to which/etc?

    Kinda want to reorganize and label everything neatly.
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