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    I agree.. bring cops top the streets.. there is no police boats either.. easy to run away from 5 star cops to the sea with a boat and snipe the heli pilot..

    and where are the cop stations and hospitals... i would love to visit those places.. sneak arround and steal stuff.. there is not even strip clubs... why? and i want more buildings walk in.. the chicago tower is even closed.. there is too few buildings you can walk in... and add winter .. since its dynamic weather why not bring all weather sesons to the game?
    and yeah we need a stun gun or somthing to have fun with
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    hi again

    Originally Posted by Suffran Go to original post
    So you don't think the police in this game acts strangely otherwise? Despite the aforementioned things, you can't actually call that "patrolling". The only reaction they show is when you ram them. Then they start shooting at you. If a chain-reaction collision occurs in front of them, they don't care. If an NPC shoots a pedestrian, they don't care. So what purpose do they have besides shooting me when I bump them?

    I agree.. and i have not seen any cops take down criminals yet.... and the police should also arrest you if u want to... then sneak out of prison or somthing
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    Answer to not getting called?

    I think I have it.
    In my time of playing Watch Dogs,i've found civilians will NOT,under any circumstances,call the police while inside a vehicle.
    I'ts really strange to think why Ubisoft didn't program this,considering gangsters ARE able to call for reinforcements,even while driving.
    To get the cops on you,I suggest going into a area crowded by civilians on foot,and shoot a loud gun (Pretty much anything but the suppressed pistol).
    This should get the cops on you.Hope I was of some help.
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    Watch dogs crime partners join hands for a trilling adventures

    Watch dogs is a criminals heaven to fulfill the desire for the action, thrill and adventure. After getting on this video game I must say that I had to really put my hands down on the Watch dogs exceptional characters outlook that has me stunned on the first look. Especially the Clara Lillie punk signature style has really put me on the top the minute I saw it. While the stardom player has caught the attention of millions of fans around the globe.
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