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    You could also right click your "gamer profile" in the same location, click edit, and change the shadow/shader to high. This also fixes problems with the 7990. Thanks dude
    I didn't notice the shader setting with a fresh gamerprofile.xml file. So that might not really be an option for HD 6990 card owners, since it appears to crash before the point where one can go to the menu and change settings. And it does look like the "low" setting makes it crash.

    Other than that, you're right. Setting it to "medium" or "high" stops the crashes (or stopped them, for me anyway). But since my R9 290x card arrived and works, this issue is no longer a problem for me.

    Off topic:
    Autodetect settings jumped to ultra with an R9 290x card, and it does look good. And the game seems to almost completely use the 4gb mem on that single GPU card, where one "only" has 2GB effectively on an HD 6990, if I'm not mistaken.
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    hey, i have a problem, i start the game , i click on new game and when it finishes loading , it crashes, i dont know why, and if u have the solution to fix it so tell me plz thanks
    my configuration is intel hd graphics 4000
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    Hd 6990

    That profile worked for me
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    Confirmed to solve disrupt_b64.dll on AMD R9-295X as well, nice work dude!

    His config also fixed another game breaking bug on my machine that was a crash to desktop when using the skills screen to upgrade character, I suspect it was related to the small "picture in picture" screen that give a visual description of the skills as it would play for a couple secs, then hang and crash
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    Seems to have fixed the disrupt_b64.dll error for me too. I'm running an R9 280X. Thanks!
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