Hi, so let me just start off by saying what a big fan of the game I am. Honestly been having such a great experience but right now I'm getting pretty tired of a bug which seems to be happening a lot, all in one place and I can't seem to avoid it.
When I arrive to the mission's starting point, all seems good expect for one thing: in the crossroad to my left, right next to the club I'm supposed to go to for the mission, there seem to be cars crashing and crashing all over again. At first I didn't really care, it was quite fun to see all those cars crash and know I had nothing to do with them. Even ambulances started coming around to the scene, eventually crashing into it themselves. Anyway, after the bug starting showing I saw that the traffic lights on all sides were green, which is why the cars kept driving straight into trouble. Moving on, I began the mission but it immediately started out failing me, due to the "guests being frightened".
This seems to be happening on and on, I believe I've been trying to avoid this problem for the last 15 minutes? It just won't stop, even when I run when I try to get across the street in a quicker way. Of course, at first I imagined that maybe my status in the city had something to do with it, scaring the people, but my character is actually on the line of Vigilante, so nothing to do there.
I hope this problem gets fixed soon because I just can't seem to progress with the story due to the fact that the mission keeps failing, without having me do anything. If there's any need for me to provide evidence or you guys just wanna see what's going on, I'll gladly upload or directly send a video of the bug as it happens… thanks, Share Button.

Thank you, I hope to hear from support soon.