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    County + Format
    USA - PC - Digital Steam

    Username & Gamertag
    uplay = dispatcher69
    steam = dungeoncrawler

    Frequency - during gameplay, most noticeable while driving.

    Since When Does it happen
    at launch

    Describe what is the issue encountered
    major stuttering and fps drops, mostly while driving, but occasionally when rotating camera.

    Anything else you think is useful
    -windows 7 ultimate service pack 1
    -evga gtx titan 6gb SLI
    -i7 3930k @ 4.2GHz
    -Game installed on ssd with nothing else on drive
    -32gb ddr3 corsair ram

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    Day two.

    Well, Lets hope for some luck today.
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    UK - PC (not the UBI will bother with any of this)


    Frequency - ALL THE TIME. Mainly when turning or driving, which in this game IS ALL THE TIME. (NOT DURING CUTSCENES)

    Issue - Stuttering gameplay - Harsh fps drops then back to 60fps again

    Define the Flow of the error? Installed game and BAM bad from the start like ALL UBI PC GAMES

    Anything else that can be useful: Latest Nvidia drivers 337.88 with SLI 780ti's. 4770k @ 4.4GHz and 16GB RAM with 1TB SSD

    dxdiag: At work will post when I get home not that you will do anything with it.
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    Country + Format
    Netherlands - UK DedSec Retail (bought from Amazon.co.uk, bless the free trade in the European Union!)

    Username & Gamertag
    Uplay = Millseboy

    Describe the Issue
    Stutter (loading stutter, I think) every 2 - 3 seconds when driving a car, or whenever (free)running (but then at a lower frequency). I have to turn the textures and some other settings to medium to make the game a bit playable, but the stutter and hiccups still occur then. I do notice that my VRAM usage is near maximum whenever playing this game. On the other hand, SLI also only utilizes 50-60% of each GPU.

    It always occurs during driving (2-3 second intervals, worse in downtown Chicago or if there is rain) and it also occurs when running quickly (lower intervals, 5 - 10 seconds). The stutter can be an occasional hiccup (1/2 - 1 second of loading) to a longer performance drop (10 seconds of the game running at 1 - 2 fps).

    Computer Specs
    Windows 8.1 Professional 64-bit
    Intel Core i5-2500 @ 3.30GHz
    nVidia Geforce 690 GTX (2GB VRAM mirrored, 4GB total)
    16 GB ddr3 Kingston RAM (2133 Mhz)

    I really hope this can be fixed, since it seems to be VRAM related... It is annoying and somewhat insulting that I have to play at lower settings than the consoles!
    Good luck guys!

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    My specs:
    -SLI 780s-i7 3930k
    -16GB 1600Mhz RAM
    -256GB SSD
    -Windows 7

    I get major stuttering when using SLI, but when I disable it, it almost all goes away. But then when I drive really fast I get stuttering again. I thought it was my VRAM getting full, but it still does it when only half my VRAM is being used.
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    Country + Format:
    New Zealand, PC - Uplay digital deluxe version

    Usernames & Gamertags:
    Uplay = tony.cipriani

    whenever driving

    Since when does it happen:
    when having textures on ultra or high from day 1

    Describe what is the issue encountered:
    Game runs smoothly until I hop in a car and start driving at a medium speed or higher. Then the framerate stutters

    Define the Flow of the error:
    As above, graphics settings seems irrelevant except for textures

    Anything else you think is useful:
    4gb GTX680 x2, geforce 337.88 drivers
    16gb ram

    Dxdiag: http://pastebin.com/tpWRugax
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    [Update] Same here

    Country + Format:
    Brazil - PC, digital (downloaded from Origin)

    UPlay Username

    Everytime I play, driving or walking, even on cut-scenes!

    Since when does it happen:
    Since the first time I ran the game.

    Describe what is the issue encountered:
    I suffer a severe stuttering, even on low setting (I set everything to low). The game is almost unplayable, no matter if I'm walking or driving, stopped or anything!

    Define the Flow of the error:
    Occurs all the time

    Anything else you think is useful:
    My PC specs: CPU: Intel Core i5 3,0Ghz, GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 OC 2 GB, RAM: 8 GB DDR3, OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bits . I have the latest nvidia drivers, 377.88
    Even using Gforce experience recommended settings, the problem persists
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    Yo guys try out 1680x900 resolution fullscreen until they release a fix for it. it runs flawless with that setup..

    as for Vram like Millseboy said i too looked in my process and saw WD using 4gb+ when running on 1080p under an hour , it stays under 2gb when using 900p for hours
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    Even using Gforce experience recommended settings, the problem persists

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    Yo guys try out 1680x900 resolution fullscreen until they release a fix for it. it runs flawless with that setup..
    Nimpo1, I tested with the new resolution and high textures and the stutter is still somewhat present, but it's indeed greatly reduced.
    I noticed that my VRAM indeed doesn't fully max out with 900p, it touches about 1940 MB now with high textures.

    However, I prefer switching from high textures to medium textures than going from 1080p to 900p for some reason...

    EDIT: I see people with a Titan GTX around here, which has 6GB single-GPU memory, and yet they complain about stuttering. I cannot imagine that, for them, the VRAM is maxed out...
    Could anybody with a Titan run the game and monitor the GPU / VRAM and CPU usage? You can easily do that with the task manager and nVidia Inspector

    EDIT2: I also see the following in some of the DxDiag's people posted:

    Spoiler:  Show
    +++ WER6 +++:
    Fault bucket -247140010, type 5

    Event Name: RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64

    Response: Not available

    Cab Id: 0

    Problem signature:

    P1: Watch_Dogs.exe


    P3: 6.3.9600.2.0.0

    Does anybody have an idea what it means?
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