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Hi, I recently bought Watch Dogs, and I had been enjoying it since the moment I received it. Unfortunately, about a week into playing it, I decided to look for a online decryption match with my friend. I entered one match, only to find that there was no room available for my friend to join, so I died and backed out to the lobby. When I backed out, I was unable to start any multiplayer modes. When I go to select online hacking, tailing, decryption, free roam, and racing, I'm met with a message that states that I need to complete two missions, including the Online Hacking Contract Tutorial, which I already completed at the start of the game. Furthermore, I noticed that I can no longer hack into anything. I've yet to find something that I can hack into. I have not encountered any other strange problems caused by this glitch, but it has made the game unplayable for me as it is.

I've really enjoyed the game so far, and this glitch is really disappointing for me. I had a blast with the game, and I can't experience it until this issue is fixed. I see that other people on YouTube had a glitch similar to mine, and their stats and weapons were removed after entering a match in online tailing by a glitch similar to this one. However, my stats and weapons are still in tact. I just wanted to see if anyone else on the forum is having the same problem that I'm having, or if there is some news of a patch on the way for this particular glitch.

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Sorry, I just found the the sticky thread with this info on it. Here it is:

Country + Format:
United States, Xbox One, Disc

Usernames & Gamertags:

Every time I boot up my saved game.

Since when does it happen:
June 4th

Describe what is the issue encountered:
Can't access online multiplayer modes. I am met with the message "Complete Online Contracts Tutorial." I am not able to hack into anything.

Define the Flow of the error:
(What did you do before this error occurred? / Written description / Ex: “When I launch from the desktop it crashes”. “I received this error message : Error xx6546” / Screen grab of the error if possible will also help!)
I was playing a match of decryption, and I died. After respawning and backing out of the mode, I was unable to access any multiplayer modes and hack.