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    @Aisoreal Sorry I couldn't respond to your questions earlier I've been busy the past few days.

    As for Why Altair and the Middle Eastern main character: I really think it is just because the setting is the middle east and it is more personal to have a protagonist from there, also it is loosely based on the historic order of Assassins that were actually active during the Crusades and did call Masyaf one of their homes.
    -as for why no Arab accent: I think that I may have been something to do with the anti-Islamic sentiment that has prevailed since 9/11 in the united states. At the time the game came out it was not that far removed from 9/11 (only 6 years), The Iraq war had only started 4 years prior, and during the time of the games release some of the most brutal fighting of the Iraq war was taking place, with sectarian violence at a high point and the US troop surge not far around the corner. I feel it may have been an attempt to make their protagonist not accrue the stigma of the day, and be more easily accepted by American audiences. I personally would rather have seen an authentic accent it would feel more immersive. But the series was not established at that time and I don't think Ubisoft wanted to take the risk of an unrelatable protagonist(which Altair kind of was anyway imo)

    As for the NPC reactions: They never really bothered me. I always just do what I want and execute the missions how I see fit. I never bothered with what NPCs say.
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for everyone's awesome responses! I will now close this discussion as I will begin distributing the questionnaires soon (here on the forum!). So look out for that!

    Thank you again so much!

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    CCan I haz on pls?
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    Hi Steve,

    If you wanted to have a go at the questionnaire: I just posted it up here:


    Originally Posted by steveeire Go to original post
    CCan I haz on pls?
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