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    Originally Posted by PointyAdam Go to original post
    Thank you Iconoclastices! The fix does work. It's also not that hard to do.
    I'm glad that the issue has been resolved for you! Happy gaming
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    2020 still no sound

    So why doesn't the sound work yet?
    It's 2020 and I just grabbed Watch Dogs.
    I have a SBX Pro Studio and have never had any problems with any other games yet this one has no sound.
    There is audio when it starts up both during the logo and title screen but nothing at all when the game starts.
    I normally use the 6 speaker out for gaming without issue, that didn't work so I tried the Dolby Digital solution found on Steam, that didn't work either, even regular 2.1 didn't work.
    I've tried all the different settings in the sound software and Windows 10, nothing. Also no reply from Ubisoft support.
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