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    Chinese fix - worked

    I try to replace the .dll file from this chinese guy AND IT WORKED PERFECTLY. TRY IT!!!!!!!
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    Originally Posted by baniqua Go to original post
    use my file can fix this problem
    i am chinese player, and i have a github site.

    ↑this file is from wd game from steam

    there is no virus or something, a pure solution. You guys should put this in the next update to all uplay players!!!!!
    I mean it.
    I have 47 player's evidence that they finally can play wd1 with my file.
    So, admmit it. You devs are not good at fixing bugs
    but we players do.

    dont be shy to try it. There are no virus!!! It is working!!!!!!!!
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    Thank you!

    Thanks so much to both of you. Thanks for explaining it more clearly!
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    Thank you Akmandito! Replacing that disrupt file in bin with this http://www.mediafire.com/file/f9l2gh...isrupt_b64.dll worked.
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    akamandito. You are the king! Itís working!

    It is reloaded file. Y’all know better reloaded release is one of greatest in the history! Akamandito is one of them. Check wiki out!!! <3

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    Akamandito? Mandito? From GoW?

    GoW #32 champion? Let me know dude It’s me Pepe... HMU bro



    It’s real deal ****. No kidding
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    Solution by Akamandito worked 100%. Donít be blind!

    this is from akamandito
    Chinese boy didn’t find Disrupt_b64.dll file to solution before akamandito. Who found Disrupt_b64.dll first? Look at dates. You figure it out. That’s simple. It’s in same forum!

    It’s easy to tell when Chinese boy lied that he found the file and mocked at Ubisoft that they are the best players to solved disrupt_b64.dll file when akamandito found it before chinise boy. Akamandito didn’t say sh*t but respectfully and say this file belong to reloaded. Reloaded release is real deal. Now I am not trust Chinese boy when he is lied and He isn’t the one found dll file when he learned like all of us from akamandito that this dll file is the problem. Now I heard akamandito is belong to reloaded group. That’s it!! GAME OVER!!

    Please forgive my bad English. God bless you all.
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    No more ingratiation, Make games playable again.

    Ubisoft need to pay more attention on "MAKE GAMERS HAPPY", not "Keep ingratiating Chinese players"

    You ingratiate them? Fine, DO NOT disturb other players' gaming experience.

    You've make all uplay WD players rage. Take it as a lesson, plz.
    If you didn't release the f**king simplified Chinese version, there should be no problem at all.
    It's not the first time Ubisoft ingratiate special players.
    Remember Ubi wanna remove some textures on Rainbow6 Global version? That's due to China's Anti-human rules. Governors in China regime don't like blood, and knife, and sex. And since Ubi wanted to obey these Anti-human rules, they are regime's minion then
    Luckily, Ubi cannot do whatever they want. These downgrades didn't happen because of players' disagreement.

    No more ingratiation, don't be evil. Make games playable again.
    You're born to make games, not troubles.
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    Text Error

    Country + Format:
    England ; PC Uplay-Download

    Usernames & Gamertags:

    Everytime i try to start the game

    Since when does it happen:
    Since i installed it

    Describe what is the issue encountered:
    Game is not Launching

    Define the Flow of the error:

    Starting the Game Uplay -> Window Pops up about that the game is being started -> after some seconds: Unable to find supported text language.
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    Submitted the ticket to Ubisoft which appears to be the ONLY WAY to get the 1.5 Gb of new files. Guess what... same error after the 1.5 Gb of downloads. I'm keeping my ticket open until I get a proper fix. Mad I have to waste hard drive space, but Ubisoft needs to fix the problem. I'm not going to use a crack file and just go away.
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