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    Not working

    just bouth your game in uplay. Tryed your solution. Its not working. Whats going on?? if its not working, where i can get my money back?
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    From my understanding, there are no current solutions.
    I'm just waiting for the Ubisoft team to sort this out
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    For how long you will wait? Can ubisoft can give us some kind of deadline?

    this problem is not rescent. right?
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    I've seen videos of this probleme dating of 2014 so UBISOFT i'm sorry but you deserve your reputation
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    Country + Format:
    Slovakia, PC-Uplay

    Usernames & Gamertags:

    Everytime i start the game

    Since when does it happen:
    Since i installed the game

    Describe what is the issue encountered:
    There is a problem launching my game bcs everytime i start it, i got error sayin "Unable to find supported language"

    Define the Flow of the error:
    I didnt do anything... i just started the game and this happened
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    I installed it today, and still the same message " Unable to find supported text language".
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    Unable to find supported language after updating.

    after the updating Watch Dogs I got the "Unable to find supported language.
    It did work in offline mode with out the update so it does run on my computer

    i7 cpu 16 GB of ram 64=bit OS and based processor

    video card : NVIDIA Quadro 3000M

    I have tryed both this fix and moving the files and running from the .exe fix. neither have worked.

    help would be appreciated thank you
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    Two weeks ago I opened a support ticket. Didn'e even get a reaction yet. This sucks. As the game isn't working can I have my money back now, please?
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    PAY ATTENTION! unable to find the supported text language? PROBLEM SOLVED!

    Disrupt_b64.dll is the problem! all you have to do is replace the file in bin folder

    here's site


    and download it to replace the Disrupt_b64.dll...

    if you don't know where is bin folder...

    - Navigate to the following folder on your system
    Uplay: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\WATCH_DOGS\bin
    Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Watch_Dogs\bin
    - Locate the file named Disrupt_b64.dll
    - Delete this file or replace file

    you all better love me now! BE HAPPY!
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    Same problem here. Just bought the game yesterday, installed it, tried to start it and got this exact message.
    I haven't installed it under C:\Program Files(x86)\Ubisoft\gamesWATCH_DOGS...I always install my game on another hard drive. But since every other game (from Ubisoft, from Steam and so on) works just fine, I don't think that's the problem. I hope there will be a fix soon. I don't appreciate spending money on something that does not work.
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