At the moment, I have just unlocked episode 5, but have decided to try and complete the earlier episodes before going on. I'm mainly playing on the facebook app. When going to the earlier episodes, the stages are shown to require 10 energy to play (if not already mastered). It appears the game still considers those stages to be 15 energy, so when I have played to the point where to play again would have cost more than 15 stars, it enters the stage (since according to the game it costs only 10 energy), and finish the stage, I get a browser error, refresh...I lose the progress made that round, as well as having stars sit at where it would if EACH play had cost 15 energy. Are the stages on the earlier episodes (ones before the latest unlocked stage), supposed to only cost 10 energy, if they haven't yet been mastered (since then they are 5 energy, and I haven't had any issue with the mastered stages causing browser issues and loss of energy)?