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    *IMPORTANT* Please read first before posting!

    Hi everyone,

    If you have a technical issue with the game, please read this post before posting on the forum.

    This forum is not here as a replacement for contacting support, and can sometimes not offer all of the help you may need, so you maybe directed to support in some circumstances.

    The forums can sometimes not help directly with product codes or DLC / Pre-order code issues, such as faulty or missing codes - you may need to contact either the retailer - or Ubisoft Support directly - We can solve some code issues, though we may need to sometimes pass you over to Support, so if this is needed a member of staff will suggest it.

    Please also remember that Forum Staff - do not have direct access to your accounts, so if you do post an account access problem, online order problem or an in game code issue on the forums, you may be reminded to contact support, this is to ensure you get the best support possible and also the fastest.

    There is also a list of FAQ's available on the support site, for the game, so do please check there to see if your issue has already been answered before contacting support:


    List of the common FAQS are also on the forum here:


    Support Contact:

    Of course you can also post your problems here on the forum, however we will require some detailed info, so do please remember to post that in your original opening post, else it can delay our investigations - also please try and use a descriptive title - saying the format and issue.

    To help us, please provide as much information as you can in your post, or in the event of game crashes on PC - please see the post directly after this one!:

    Country + Format:
    (eg. United States - PS4, disc)

    Usernames & Gamertags:
    (PSN / XBL gamertag or Uplay ID)

    (How often is it mentioned. How often does it happen to you?)

    Since when does it happen:
    (This helps identify if a patch or DLC is the source of the bug)

    Describe what is the issue encountered:
    (Activation the game? / Problem launching the game? / Issue with a specific part of the game Mutliplayer? / But can you still access solo? )

    Define the Flow of the error:
    (What did you do before this error occurred? / Written description / Ex: “When I launch from the desktop it crashes”. “I received this error message : Error xx6546” / Screen grab of the error if possible will also help!)

    Anything else you think is useful:

    (such as graphics card and driver version)

    If you are on PC
    Please also give a copy of the systems DXDiag, this can be found by searching for dxdiag on your windows system - it might be easier to post a link to this, rather than copy paste on the forum.

    A member of staff will forward these on and also supply feedback where possible - and also update any ongoing issue threads once they are resolved.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope you enjoy playing Watch_Dogs!
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    Game crashing and freezing:

    If you have a crash/freeze when playing Watch_Dogs, please send us your save game files which are located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames".

    If the game crashes and you get the "Watch_Dogs has stopped working" dialog, click on "View problem details".

    This will show some technical details about the crash.
    Select *all* the text (by clicking inside the text box, and pressing Ctrl-A), then copy it to the clipboard (by pressing Ctrl-C).

    Please update your existing Support ticket with that text; this will help the programmers see where the game crashed.

    If you have not yet contacted support - you can do so at www.support.ubi.com

    Advanced users can also send us a mini-dump, which will help the programmers pinpoint the crash more precisely.
    To do so, you will have to install "Process Explorer" from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/s.../bb896653.aspx.

    When the game has crashed, and the "Watch_Dogs has stopped working" dialog appears:
    Open Process Explorer, then right-click on Watch_Dogs.exe and select "Create Dump", and then "Create Minidump..."

    This will allow you to save a Watch_Dogs.dmp file. This file, once compressed, should not take more than 2-3 MB, so you should be able to email to us.
    If the file is a lot larger, that means you probably accidentally clicked on "Create Full Dump...".

    To upload your files to your Support case, follow the instructions below:

    - Click on this link: http://support.ubi.com
    - Type in your Uplay login name and password and click Login. Click on 'My Questions'
    - Click on 'Ask a Question' and choose the appropriate Platform/Product, Category, and Subject/Question
    - After you have explained your issue, please click 'Choose File' and upload your save file from your computer
    - Finally, click 'continue' to complete the process

    Once we receive your save files we will forward them up to the development team for further review.
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