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    Season pass lmfao? How about getting your effing game to WORK first.
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    Hello! Who knows when I can play for the T-Bone in the Season Pass

    Thanks for the answer
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    I think its hilarious this thread has a 1 star rating lol
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    I'm a bit confused here, especially when reading the previous posts. So if I purchase the season pass now, will I get all the DLC already released plus the T-Bone mission, or will I be missing some content?
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    Maybe I'm just some sort of savant, but it is still not clear whether the Season Pass provides you will all future DLCs without further cost.
    Let me break this down so that I'm completely clear.
    Here are the only two official quotes regarding what you get with the Season Pass (from a cost savings perspective):

    1/ "The season pass is available in Watch Dogs for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. It is available for purchase for $19.99 resulting in a 25% reduction compared with buying all the featured content separately."
    * This implications of this could mean a couple of things, depending on interpretation. While we know that the T-Bone Mission and Conspiracy are confirmed included with this, what exactly is the 25%? Does that mean the Pass's included components, when tallied, cost 25% less than their equivalent individual purchases? Or perhaps it means that you get the T-Bone Mission & Conspiracy... PLUS the right to purchase additional content at 25% off?
    * The reason I'm confused is this... let's say that 10 DLC's come out for this game that cost $10. That's $100. Now if you bought the Season Pass for $20, thinking you were going to get all 10 DLC's for no additional cost, that's not 25%. That's 80%. And since Ubisoft probably doesnt know right now how many DLCs will release and how much they will cost, you can't use a static percentage if all future content is "free" with the pass. But it would make sense if I was a "Season Pass Member" and could purchase whatever future content comes out at 25% off. Which of course would mean it does not include future DLCs.

    2/ "All season pass holders will receive future DLC one week earlier than normal players."
    * Receive... that's a poor word choice in this context. "Normal players" dont "receive" future DLC's without paying for them. Ergo, it stands to reason that if the benefit here is one week early access for SP holders, then SP holders, like normal players, will still have to purchase the DLC. Only, SP holders will have access to purchase one week early. And possibly at 25% off (noted above).

    It doesnt matter how clear everyone in this thread thinks it is.
    It is NOT clear.
    I just want to know, in advance, if I buy this Season Pass today, are all future DLCs ZERO COST for me?
    That direct question has yet to be answered.

    Now most likely, all future DLC content will be zero cost for SP holders.
    The ambiguous use of English in what's included in the Pass is likely taken for granted by the public at large.
    Which is why I'm not seeing anyone harp on this point.

    I apologize for my frustration.
    I bought the Digital Deluxe from Steam.
    Then I bought the Access Granted pack.
    Then I realized that the Digital Deluxe came with most of the Access Granted material.
    A phenomenon I had not seen with other games, inspiring me to be very careful to absolutely confirm what I'm getting with future purchases.
    I have read 80% of this thread.
    The question is NOT answered.
    It seems very simple to me... and yet.

    I want to play Conspiracy.
    The choice of $5 for the pack or $20 for the SP to hedge against future content hinges upon what I need to clarify here today.
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    Alrighty, I called up support and unquestionably confirmed that the Season Pass includes all future DLC content at no additional future cost.
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    Thanks for the confirmation LordXayd! You just saved me the trouble of calling Ubisoft myself.
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    I think there will be a second menu, after you clicked "start a new game" which as option "As Aiden Pearce" and "As T.Bone"
    Yet it isn't implemented yet, so let us all hope it will be soon
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    coop / multiplayer partners

    looking for coop parners to do multiplayer when it comes out on 23rd or 30th september
    my username is effmoo im on pc
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