Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening to readers, gamers, etc!

I am Ia (e-ah) Lavinia (lava-knee-ah) and I am here recruiting members for an XBOX 360/PS3 Assassin's Creed IV Clan.

If you like killing as much as I do, you'd join the Mudisto De La Azilo: Assassins of the Asylum in English.
Yes, I know. Clan name seems corny, but do not let that deter you for considering to try out!

I am the leader and founder and I aim to have a clan that plays Manhunt, Domination, and Artifact Assault.
Some Deathmatch players sound pretty awesome, too. ;D

So all players are welcome! If you LOVE Assassinate, Wolfpack, or Wanted, feel free to join and spread the love as well!

I do aim to bring this clan to PS3 VERY SOON. Tryouts will be hosted this month all the 'til August. (Dates will be listed at END of post).
Furthermore, there are some requirements to join the clan (I do not mean to be picky or seem mean).

Clan Requisites!

+ Prestige 1 or Above (All your abilities should be aquired by then)
+ A Positive Attitude (I played the role of a sore loser once, I do not like it, so please no negativity)
+ Respect EVERYONE (I do not want any disrespect towards people who are gay, bi, boy, girl, disabled, etc. Treat others as you want to be treated)
+ It is either no mic or a headset (If your Kinect is your mic source, please turn it off. I prefer members with headsets, but I'm not limiting to)
+ Do Not Point Fingers (We are a team and will all take the blame for a loss. No ONE person is EVER sorely responsible.)
+ Be As Active As Possible (I do not need people who play almost 24/7, but I'd like players who come on at least 3 - 5 times a week and play. If a long break is needed, notify someone so it gets back to me.)
+ Abstergo Ladder = Nonexistent (If you are best friends with the Abstergo Ladder, I advise you to not join. The Abstergo Ladder is just as corrupt as America's government.)

I hope those are not too harsh to follow, but I still need a clan with coherent and well played members of the game.
I want this gaming experience to be fun because there are people out there who are very sour when playing.
I've been down that path of being a sore loser or extremely rude when it came down to it all.
But that has to stop. After all, you have to be the change you wish to see in the world, right?

I know, "Assassins of the Asylum are suppose to be crazy!"
It's just a clan name. xD
This IS my first clan I've decided to make and right now I'm only looking to recruit 16 players.
I'd like at least 4 players who are good at AA, Manhunt, Domination, and Deathmatch.

We WILL have a YouTube channel for this clan so if you have a Game Capture Card, let me know and I shall allow access to the YT page.
Furthermore, we will have a Twitch account as well, or I will where we can live stream our gameplay.
They actually allow a "multi-twitch" kind of thing where you can watch two people stream at once, so again, Game Capture Card, let me know.

If a member ever decides to leave the clan, please address me before making that decision.
I will not chastise anyone who decides to leave and I will make sure no one does such a thing.

I want what makes my members happy and if leaving is the way to go, then by all means go for it.
Enough of all the extras and let's get to Clan Try Out times.

Here are Times & Dates of Tryouts THIS MONTH. I did the best I could with considering different time zones!

First Day is May 21st, which is THIS Wednesday:
  • 12 PM - 10 PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
  • 5 PM - 3 AM BST (British Standard Time)
  • 9 AM - 7 PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)
  • 11 AM - 9 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time)
  • 6 PM - 4 AM CEST (Central European Standard Time)
  • May 22nd 1 AM - 12 PM JST (Japan Standard Time) For anyone that is 12 Hours Ahead

For those 12 hours ahead, more tryouts will be made to fit a better time for you. It will be hard on me, but my idea when leading this clan is to put people first.

May 23rd INTO May 24th (Depending on Time Zone)
  • 5 AM - 11 PM EDT
  • 4 AM - 10 PM CDT
  • 2 AM - 8 PM PDT
  • 10 AM - 4 AM BST
  • 6 PM - 12 PM JST (For Anyone 12 Hours Ahead)
  • 11 AM - 5 AM CEST

May 26th (Memorial Day) into May 27th (For some)
  • 9 AM - 12 AM EDT
  • 8 AM - 11 PM CDT
  • 6 AM - 9 PM PDT
  • 2 PM - 5 AM BST
  • 10 PM - 1 PM JST (For Anyone 12 Hours Ahead)
  • 3 PM - 6 AM CEST

These are the dates and times in mind.
More will soon come right in this forums.


I hope I do see a couple of people this week and next Monday.
My GamerTag is Ia Lavinia.
Send me a message if you have any questions, if you're interested.
Post them here in this forum and they will answered ON XBOX so PLEASE leave your GamerTag in the post.
For PS3 players, feel free to ask questions because I plan on getting ACIV for PS3 VERY SOON.
Leave your PlayStationNetwork Usernames in your post as well. My PSN is Ia_Lavinia for those who want to send a message!
I hope to get a good turnout for this. Every bit of support and help is always appreciated.
If you survived this post up to here, THANK YOU for your time!