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    30 Days Later...

    It's hard to believe it has been 30 days since our beloved heroz has finished. So, what games have gotten your attention since then?

    I've been playing flappy bird (original), disco zoo, farm hero saga, and 2048.

    Unfortunately, none of those was as good as heroz :-)
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    I know right? Ive been playing trials frontier, titanfall, tomb raider and FTL.
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    just replied to Nyt

    Just got Trials Frontier(AlvyRonson), which is great, have sent you a request, are you guys still playing it?

    but also playing

    Stampede run (Damian C)

    Scramble (Damncold)

    Social Chess (DamnCold)

    Scrabble via facebook, damian coldwell
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    Started playing trials frontier on iOS and was having fun with it until some of the collect quests started getting redonk. Then the game started crashing out each time I load it up. Fun game though.
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