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    Logistical Operations and Tactical Infantry Solutions [LOTIS]

    Yo race fans,

    When the Crew goes live, you are going to want people to play with. L.O.T.I.S. will be maintaining a presence within the game and I encourage you to join. We are a great group of people who just like to game. As a clan, we maintain a presence in in several games accross multiple platforms with a focus on PC and Playstation. Apply by clicking the link in my forum sig or go to www.lotis.enjin.com and become a part of the solution!

    F.Y.I. we will probably create another acronym for our Crew branch if the game has clan support features
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    anyone of there any idea what is cartography

    the best source for cartography products and aviation logistics services. We delivered fully compliant aviation charts for civilian flight operations. We are specialized in GIS Cartography with specialties in Aviation Mapping. We are experts in cartography mapping and also design custom maps on our client requirements.
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