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    Outer Space and Lighting

    Hey guys i have a question.

    I want to make a background that looks like outer space. I built high up in the sky and i found 2 ways to simulate a black background. Eiter turning the light of the sun to 0, or to reduce the view distance to the lowest value. Turning the sunlight down results in a black image as long as you dont add lights. I would prefer this method because i have glowing objects to ride on, but i couldnt find a way to attach a light to the rider. Is that even possible or do i have to place lights everywhere in my track? Reducing the view distance is not a good way either because i want to add some stuff in the background that is far away. Any other possiblities?

    So basically: how do i make a proper outer space background and how do i light it the right way?
    Thanks for any answers
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    Hi. I do this when I want a 100% black background. In the weather condition settings, find the fog settings. Then:
    Fog type: Linear
    Fog color: Choose black.
    Fog sky density: 100

    Then you can use the sun and/or custom lights to light the track.
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    Hi, for attaching a light to the rider you can use object position event (ope)
    Put a point light on the map. Stick down an ope and select the light. Add an interval trigger to continually send an impulse to the ope. Then get a vector data source and tie it to the rider. Link the x,y,z coordinates of the ope to the vector data source and it should position the point light to follow the rider.

    For a spacey background I think you have to change the colours of the ground and sky in the environment settings. In evo there were settings to change the horizon colours and the star brightness.
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    Thank you both, i'll give it a try

    Any idea, how to get stars in the background?
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    You make the sky horizon/zenith etc. colors black, and still have stars shown putting them to higher brightness, as adjust the sky brightness as well as of course the sun/moon angle/longitude/color/size as you please.

    I recommend building the track near the coast, somewhat up in the sky, to avoid any need for terrain if its a straight track.

    They also added a different function to the camera itself "auto brightness" , can be set to manual, and you get 2 extra sliders.
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