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    rewards bug

    I qualified for silver, and ive voted more than 5 videos but haven't received the 15000 gold or 5 wilds yet. I need my rewards as soon as possible
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    Same problem here, it seems the current system is full of bugs ,they have never tested. Hopefully they can fix those bugs before this weekend cuz I am losing my patience. I think I won't play for r2p anymore if those bugs remains.
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    Kimundi's Avatar Senior Member
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    If I remember correctly, rewards are sent at the end of each month
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    now that you are here, could you tell us what you are planning to do for the players that wasted their evening and lost a ticket ?

    or will ubisoft tell you to ignore us and hope we will forget ?
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    Hi kimmundi, thanks for ur quick reply. I know the rewards are suppose to sent at the end of month but the problem is I haven't unlocked all those achievements on the r2p website.
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