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    How To Report A Bug/Error [READ FIRST]

    Hello Riders,

    Trials Fusion is live! From this point if you have any problems with the game, please contact us by using these links:

    Support Contact Forms:

    FAQ Search:

    Or you can use the in-game link that you can find in the main menu or in the pause menu.

    Of course you can post your problems here on the forum.

    To help us, you can provide such additional information as Steps to reproduce the bug

    For example:
    1) Started the game (Offline/Online mode)
    2) Completed two tracks
    3) While loading 'Cliffhanger' Track game crashed.

    Thank you, for your time.
    Have a nice Ride
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    Yeah it's way better if you can remember what you did, find the exact way the bug can be reproduced nearly every time and write a simple list of steps. Try the steps yourself for at least 3 times and send them. That way the testers can immediately spot the problem instead of guessing and more bugs can be fixed in less time
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