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    Known PC Issues - Read this first!

    Hello guys,

    Thanks for all of your reports.
    Be sure that we are working on this bugs.
    At this moment you can look at list of know issues, which will be updated as soon as new info will be ready.
    Dont forget to read this post before posting new one. Also dont hesitate to add in comments those which are not included.

    Thanks for your support.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    PC Known Issues:
    - Uplay reward wallpaper archive not working on Windows 8 FIXED Link - Here
    - On Infinite trials skill game, when progressing to level 40-50 there is an obstacle that is unpassable. The gap cannot be made and blocking the user from continuing on. LOOKING INTO IT
    - While using "Ultra Settings", the game won't save it on disc and the next session will boot with "High Settings". LOOKING INTO IT
    - Enabled SLI configurations will have performances and compatibility issues. Link - Here FIXED
    - Laptops with Optimus hardware may have issues to force the game to run on dedicated Nvidia GPU. LOOKING INTO IT
    - Low framerate causes slow-motion effect. The gameplay speed is tied to the display refresh rate.For now, to solve this issue, lower your graphic settings. We are currently working on a satisfying solution. LOOKING INTO IT
    - Loading time of the garage can take up to 20 seconds on some cofigurations. LOOKING INTO IT
    - AZERTY keyboard support may be dysfunctional depending on Windows settings. LOOKING INTO IT
    - Eyefinity/Surround configurations will observe camera issue on "Marina mania" track. LOOKING INTO IT
    When reaching the 5th checkpoint, the camera shifts from the rider and focuses on the boat with explosives. LOOKING INTO IT
    - Black screen on some configurations. Link - http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...een-goes-black LOOKING INTO IT
    - Game may crash in game editor when selecting multiple objects and turning physics mode to on. LOOKING INTO IT
    - Random crash in Game Editor. Link - Here LOOKING INTO IT
    - Window 8.1 Link - Here LOOKING INTO IT
    - Gamepad Dead zone. Link - Here LOOKING INTO IT
    - Season Pass (Steam). Link - Here SOLVED
    - Season Pass (Retail). Link - Here LOOKING INTO IT
    - Vibration feedback with Xbox 360 controller is very weak. Link - Here LOOKING INTO IT

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    Originally Posted by BenShermanUbi Go to original post
    Also dont hesitate to add in comments those which are not included.
    Controller rumble feedback is barely noticeable in the Retail release (using Xbox 360 controller), This wasn't an issue with the Beta - http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...ull-PC-release
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    i maybe put this in the wrong sesion (fusion beta) here are the things i would like to report

    1: Chosing a track then a bike, if u cancle during bike loading (if you chose the wrong bike the game just freeze (have to reboot my comp)
    2: Uplay chat doesnt always show: u have a new chat press SHIFT+F2, i have to check chat to know someone pmming me.
    3: in the editor if u copy a object u u cant come into the object settings to change the object look, u just go back to object list
    4: Dutch translation of the discription on Marina Mania zoneportal is wrong ( acourding to Dutch i have to do 5 flips to get the zoneportal)
    5: Custom track Add feed has only a search function?
    6: when i watch a replay of a custom track, i have to search for that track again to ride it,
    7: i made a extreme track, but when i checked in "newest Hardest tracks" it isnt there. ( only way is to search with Add feedback for extreme's)
    8: the huge objects are hard to see when they fill your screen, would be better if they are smaller, untill u put them down for use
    9: in evo icould check "my tracks" cant find that in fusion
    10: I cant see if a track is ninja level, unless someone give his/her track a name with ninja in it (example: mini ninja - my first ninja track)

    Hope my feedback helps to make the game better,
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    1. There is no need to reboot your PC, simply CTRL + ALT + DEL and select Task Manager -> Click Processes Tab -> find 'trials_fusion.exe' in list, select it then click the End Process button, when asked are you sure say yes.

    You can then start the game again, without having to wait for the OS to load...
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    I was wondering if there was any update to the list above? I can see it hasn't been updated since April, and I have just bought Fusion and am experiencing the slow mo issue on a GTX 770 4GB edition. My current workaround which is still slightly experiencing the issue, is having GFX on low in game with vsync off, and then forcing vsync and triple buffering in the driver. It made the game actually playable, although it does sometimes still drop.

    Any updates on this would be appreciated.


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    We're currently testing a fix for that. It won't be in the patch coming really soon but a little bit later if all tests are ok.
    However, it's weird you need to put GFX on low with this configuration. Which resolution are you using?
    Please send a screenshot of your graphic options menu.

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    General settings - Low
    Resolution - 1920x1080
    Aspect correction - Off
    Show Frame rate - On
    VSync - Off
    Anti-aliasing - Off
    Geometry Quality - Low
    Shadow quality - Low
    Parallax mapping - Off
    Bloom quality - Low
    Ambient Occlusion - Off
    Particle Quality - Normal
    DOF effect quality - Normal
    Foliage - Off
    Soft Particles - Off
    Half Size particles - Off

    If I increase the graphics settings I experience the slow motion effect, and if I disable VSync in the driver, I get horrendous screen tearing very often, it's a lose/lose at the moment. It's a shame that the game is capped at 60 as well (just like evolution) as I have a 144hz screen and cannot use it to its full capacity
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    Originally Posted by En0- Go to original post

    We're currently testing a fix for that. It won't be in the patch coming really soon but a little bit later if all tests are ok.

    I was really bummed to find out today that this fix wasn't in today's patch. Wasn't it supposed to come out "a little bit later" after the June 18th patch? We're now past the second big patch, and that's not even counting the beta period patches. Maybe you should consider having a beta version of the game where you can push these fixes and have the users test for you. At least then some people would get the fix while others for which the fix introduced other problems can just go back to the regular game version. Ultimately, you would get more feedback by the time you get to push put the update to the regular versions and also spot problems faster. (Case in point: the editor lag problems past the June 18 patch could have been discovered earlier)

    Just a friendly thought.
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    Hi damassacre,

    I totally agree with you but at the moment, it's just in a state we can't release. It improves the situation for most of the configuration but it also makes it worse for some others, so we can't release it :-( We keep working on it.

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    I don't know if this will help people who still have the issue with Nvidia optimus laptops, but its might be worth looking into since it solved similar problems with just cause 2: http://steamcommunity.com/app/8190/d...0249220324722/

    Originally Posted by Steam Community
    I posted one previously in another thread, which worked to an extent for some. This new one requires some fiddling, but if you follow it, it should work for you. This solution will work for laptops, considering the majority of users getting this error are using laptops as there is a conflict with Just Cause 2 and Nvidia Optimus technology.

    PART 1: This is to get Just Cause 2 to launch

    1. Right click Just Cause 2 in your Steam Library and select PROPERTIES.
    2. Select LAUNCH OPTIONS, and type in "/dxadapter=0" without quotes. (http://i.imgur.com/YaNZ8.png)

    PART 2: This is to get your graphics card to render the game (Steps 4-7: http://i.imgur.com/VAkZW.png)

    1. Download Nvidia Inspector from: http://www.guru3d.com/files_get/nvid...ownload,1.html
    2. Open Nvidia Inspector
    3. Click the button to the right of DRIVER VERSION.
    4. From the PROFILE menu, select JUST CAUSE 2.
    5. Scroll down the window until you find: Shim Rendering Mode Options per application for Optimus.
    6. Click the text to the right, scroll to the top of the dropdown, and select SHIM_RENDERING_OPTIONS_DEFAULT_RENDERING_MODE
    7. Click APPLY CHANGES in the top right-hand corner.
    8. Run your game

    This solution has worked for me, and various other people. Hopefully this is the fix you're looking for.
    My laptop uses Nvidia Optimus so if you want me to try this out on the laptop I could, but since I haven't played trials on the laptop before I don't know if there is a problem or not
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