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    Watch Dogs Friend's List

    Hey everyone,
    Im all into uplay but with all the different software out there.. (origin,steam,uplay and more), i dont have many friends in uplay which are planning on playing watch dogs.
    i want to start a "add me to friend's list" thread for those who wants to hack/be hacked and enjoy multiplayer together in genral (had some fun with people i met this way on assassin's creed black flag).

    Making a list to make it easier:
    *all PC are UPLAY accounts unless mentioned otherwise

    adamlevi87 (PC)
    Delimontana (PC)
    Tererizar (PC)
    Dragoy (PC)
    JkBax (PC)
    WiLLinG1 (PC)
    Unique.UserName (PC)
    myzyptlik (PC)
    steeljacket488 (PC)
    Pwnykins (PC)
    nikocrazy (PC)
    troubleclick (PC)
    smiths12327 (PC)
    berq1905 (PC)
    dutchhacker (PC)
    Hestko1 (PC)
    Tremmert (PC)
    iittopper (PC)
    mrj2004 (PC)
    daeronspearwood (PC)
    rcole_sooner (PC)
    ShadyFusion23 (PC)
    lochnessC (PC)
    gconry18 (PC)
    Tayboy5000 (PC)
    eneSs24 (PC) / xqTpx (Origin)
    mark1986l (PC)
    kill0wer (PC)
    JackDagnelz (PC)
    Aranok86 (PC)
    Icobacca (PC)
    wa11e (PC)
    SuperWilly_ (PC-Uplay)/ Steam: Wogur.
    n1ko! (PC-Steam)
    ButtHED (PC-Steam)
    UbiMiiSTY (PC-Steam)
    crazygamer1994 (PC-Steam)
    Mr.Furyian (Uplay)/Mr. Furyian (Steam)

    The Last Looper (Xbox One)
    StatewidePanda (Xbox One)
    blat b00m (Xbox One)
    Gibbzy E5 (Xbox One)
    ThePoundDollar (PC/Xbox)
    King fiShiZ (PC/Xbox one/Maybe Xbox 360)
    FP x SNUUBKILLER (Xbox 360)
    BWHaider (Xbox 360)
    Str1keralan (Xbox 360)

    Ghost_Rider2008 (PC/PS3)
    GreenDrago4 (PS3)
    DreddPoolAu (PS3)
    CountSmokula420 (PS3, PS4 in the near future)
    Dylan-d167 (PS4)
    JCH6789 (PS4)
    Dead1y-Derri (PS4)
    MakoSoul (PS4)
    Wolfmeister1010/Wolfmeister101 (PS4, PC in the future)
    kruptedndn (PS4)
    DrNilsson (PC, possible) PSN: Dr_Nilsson (PS3/4)
    MadDogg59 (PS4)
    mattyink (PS4)
    Arun1910 (PS4)
    Demonhu or demonhu (PS4)
    sladey229 (PS4)
    Bond_Boy88 (PS4)
    ZiggyZags420 (PS4)
    acousticbf (PS4)
    sw2413 (PS4)
    puds1970 (PS4)
    murphdawg1 (PS4)
    Solaria1220 (PS4)
    Dazfeeder (PS4)
    TheLastDream (PS4)
    Templertv (PS4)
    joose_2 (PS4)
    SilentCid (PS4)
    lNetorare (PS4)
    Shikyo6 (PS4)
    VRooster (PS4)
    dannyburlo (PS4)

    *update after release- couldnt find a way to hack friends.. can still do multiplayer matches as far as i know (team).

    i suggest that new players go thru the list and add people on their platforms (and ask to be added on the list so future new players will add them too), dont just ask to be added on the list without taking any action..
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    delimontana's Avatar Member
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    Great initiative! I too lack friends on Uplay, was gonna get it for AC BF but then there was no awesome naval MP so i couldn't be arsed.

    Anyways feel free to add me anyone, im gonna be playing from the start and probably gonna get me one of those Matrix chairs and just plug myself into WD and live there!

    Uplay: delimontana
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    I guess thats more for PC right? On PS4 it has to be psn friends i dont know that we can have uplay friends in game. Correct me if im wrong this is more of a question then a statement.
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    GenialityOfEvil's Avatar Senior Member
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    · <----- Here
    It's worth noting that everyone's forum username is their Uplay name.
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    @Mattyink, i am not sure on this subject, but we are talking about PC.
    @Fishers1989, we know, we are adding each other as friends in Uplay, easier to copy the name from a post than from a profile/your nickname. Do you want to join the list?
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    Dreddpool82's Avatar Senior Member
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    Hiding behind you hacking your phone.
    Add me to the list, just I won't be able to play it till about 10th of June, as I ordered my online and will take 10 days to get to me, will be getting it on PC and PS3.
    I thionk the Uplay friends list is cross platform, as I have 60 Uplay points on PC and when i look on me PS3 the points were exactly the same amount, so i can sepnd them on PC game bonuses or when on PS3 i can spend them on PS3 game bonuses ie wallpaper/added gun(far Cry3)/extra mission (AC games)etc...., so with that being said the friends list could be cross platform, as we use the same user name on all systems.
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    @Ghost, the account is one account, question is more for WatchDogs than uplay (will it matchmake people on PS-Xbox-PC together).
    im not sure about that one, anyway,ill mention it on the list
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    Add me too, i'll be playing t'ill de first day digital! PC version!
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    Add me i will be on PS4
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    Add me, I'm on PC.
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