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    Major PC Editor Issues

    The Keyboard/Mouse Bug Collection

    Easily Reproducible (With GIFs)
    • Mouse being moved to other parts of the screen when selecting new objects
    • Major issues with selecting objects

    Easily Reproducable
    • Crash: Doing almost anything in the properties window for the seed building
    • cannot select a new object without first deselecting current object (see first GIF)
    • incorrect position/rotation when selecting a new object (e.g. you have to switch to position then back to rotation)
    • drag-to-adjust sliders continue long after you let go (joystick virtualisation?)
    • area selector cannot be removed

    Single incidence / unreproducable
    • Did not exit after going through the "save before exit" dialogue. Exit button no longer worked, left stuck in the editor until I alt-F4
    • All buttons (including keyboard+mouse) stopped responding

    Changed from Trials Evo
    • can no longer double click an object to quickly bring up its properties
    • transformation gizmos no longer render on top of everything else
    • missing quicksave shortcut (Ctrl+S)
    • keys for multiple selection and duplication have been changed, leaving it unintuitive for Evo players
    • can no longer use TAB to cycle through gizmos
    • missing scrollwheel navigation in list menus (e.g. track lists)
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    sipe's Avatar Trials Developer
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    Thanks for the feedback, we'll definitely look into these issues. We need all of the feedback to improve the mouse and keyboard combination because it wasn't part of the Beta.
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    Right. I can capture some Gifs to show the most obvious ones
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    No Supercross wtf?!

    I was gonna make so many Multiplayer Supercross Maps, the biggest issue is there is no setting to do this!! im not happy
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    Added GIFs for a few, will make more as I find the time.

    If you're reading this thread, please post any bugs you find and I'll collate them. Please give a reproducible scenario if you can.
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    - The translation arrows and rotation circles should be drawn over all geometry, and should be clickable at all time.
    - The translation arrows and rotation circles are sometimes way too small/thin (when selecting small objects) which makes them hard to use.
    - Can't QuickSave anymore (CTRL-S)
    - Using Alt now instead of CTRL for duplicating and rotating is counter-intuitive.
    - Shift should be used instead of CTRL for selecting multiple objects.
    - In the Tracks list, can't use the Mousewheel to scroll up/down nor move the scrollbar on the left which is essential when you have lots of tracks.

    I'll add more soon... It pains me to have to use the controller 50% of the time.
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    nannerdw's Avatar Senior Member
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    I have the same problem with mouse selection, and it's just as bad as it was in the Evo Gold editor. The 360 pad works perfectly for me, though.
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    - Adding a Area Selector with the mouse/keyboard. It can be moved around. But it cannot be removed? Delete button does nothing. It works if I use the xbox controller, pressing B button while it is selected, makes it disappear.

    - Can't use the TAB key to cycle through move, rotate, scale. (Like it was in trials evolution.)

    - Missing hotkey for Scale. Please add one, or bring back the TAB functionality. Or do both
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    TeriXeri's Avatar Senior Member
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    Purely talking about the mouse/keyboard interface here:

    - Mouse selection issues are really annoying right now as it doesn't work well, usually have to click away at the sky or something to reset the cursor, selecting tends to work better with controller but I don't wanna be forced in controller mode due to what seems a bug.

    - Also the selection arrows even if they are huge, are sometimes hard to select when working with objects near terrain as they are inside the ground.

    - Rotating objects with the mouse sometimes need extra clicks on the menu buttons to switch between move and rotate before showing the rotate circles.

    - I used a giant area clear tool near the snow area/ski lifts and it left behind a few pillars/cables even while they are clearly inside the bubble and base world objects is ticked.

    Additional notes:

    - Some areas of terrain have a miles long really thin straight line running through, as if its a border between terrain blocks, I see this in Road to Ruin as well, as some editor areas, just a little ugly.
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    Exit button doesn't always seem to work, left stuck in the editor until I alt-F4
    I just experienced something like this, but worse. No buttons at all in the editor worked, including keyboard/mouse clicks. Could not move camera or anything else. Background is still animated in the world, so not a full freeze of the game... I had to force close the game with alt-f4. No idea how to repoduce it, it seemed to happen random.
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