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    I saw some objects got tiny details up close, not really easter eggs, just observations.

    There's an advertisement for a Chanel watch in one of the Rustlands newspaper pieces that's part of a trash.

    Also a small wooden plank piece part of the trash.

    In Fire of the Deep theres a Van Hemelen text below the electricity warning sign on one of the robot pieces.
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    Hi Guys,

    Fat Shady has put up his summary of the evo riddle on Kotaku AU , which got my thinking about the possible fusion 5th key location.... So went looking for this thread. It seems we must be stuck. Not that I have anything to add, but has anyone found anything lately???

    Much love to all those who have and are digging through Trials - always majorly impressed by your efforts
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    Surely with there been a 5th key in the editor, there must be a chest in the editor which gives the next clue? Or in the wording of the achievement for the 5th key itself? That's all I can think of :S

    Also in the achievement picture it shows a chest... Which to me indicates there must be a chest somewhere in the editor that allows you to use the 5th key on it.
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    Or the key isn't the in-game key whatsoever, and instead it means more the metaphorical key lay within the editor, or within things inside of the editor.

    But hey, I don't know more about this than you guys, so I could be way off. It just that something taken this literal is ANBA's style, ya know?
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    I just found out about the riddle, like 8 hours ago, and am really intrigued. I don't know too much about the other riddles in the other games, but I read the recent fatshady article and am mind blown. I want to contribute any way I can, although I feel most of my contributions would be misleading. I'm still going to voice my musings, even if they seem irrelevant, farfetched and/or misinformed. But as the progress of this current riddle goes at this point, I think it would still help more than hurt. As there seems to be very little going on here, but looks can be deceiving. We are on this journey, and there are probably clues in this thread that really are portions of this puzzle.

    I won't venture too far into the other games, I hope someone else will chime in on relevant correlations between this game and the other trials games. if I learn something about the other games and see a pattern with this game, I will express it. But mostly I'm going to focus on the patterns I find in fusion.

    Has anyone translated the "dog latin" found in the pc files? I haven't tried the Google translator on it but id like to see it read out.

    The Greater Crater is significant. maybe..somehow..
    Has anyone tried doing the hero pose in the dashing hero suit? (while going into the light) And why is the top team in the world HERO? Coincidence? maybe. *we need a hero*

    Alternate worlds theory might have something to do with all this....but what??

    I think I saw that one of the answers to a past games riddle was 42...and if you know hhgttg, you know the answer 42 and the ultimate question can never exist in the same universe, but in alternate worlds theory, at some point within the infinity of universes, yes, they will exist in the same universe.. I don't really know what to make of that. but if you can follow me, you see the insight..

    joe said "Anba volunteered this tidbit...

    Why there is zero in Pyrosequence?" -- this was said a long time ago when there was no multiplayer online. What was the differences between then and now??

    Has anyone noticed that the LOCAL multiplayer is way different than the online mp..different tracks, different scoring, it's like a different "world" even my rider was a different color, and you couldn't see the description of the track until you actually played it. but this might mean nothing...

    Has anyone else heard the song TKO by Giant Panda?? I just think it's weird that no other bike has a name with letters like this before it...And why is the baggie the only bike that isn't an animal??

    The editor CLEARLY has clues to what's going on here. If there was a key hidden, there is more. I am almost sure of it. Is the beam of light in the editor object list? because I noticed you can move the beams of light around. Has anyone dug underwater? because you can. We need to dig up every inch of the editor...

    The descriptions for tracks are definite clues. can someone with more insight than me go through each track description and see if you can find a pattern that I wouldn't be able to see?

    "Nothing happens until something moves" and someone look at the description for Dustbowl in the After the Incident DLC.

    Devils Beak -- "This is no place for Pickett fences, eh Chris?" -- Wiki Pickett's Charge and go to The Battlefield Today section. Who is Chris?(my name is chris, which creeped me out even 6 months ago when I first played the track) Google Chris Outsider...this is all really weird. someone can go crazy over this crap. I haven't even spent a day and this subject is got me by the balls.


    For some reason I have a feeling that if you create a scenario in the creator that is disastrous and involves a meteor, it could have some significance, but I may be WAY wrong with that. But Im going to express where my imagination leads me.

    I also have a feeling that Anba is giving clues through various social media. Actually, it seems kind of obvious, although I can't be sure, I just got on this train...
    https://youtu.be/7bmuUMoof7o <----there is a package on the front of the train at the end of the video. It might relate to The Vestibule on Fire in the Deep?

    There is some serious wordplay associated with this riddle...

    I want to see more dialogue in this thread. I came up with all this literally overnight, and I know most of it is garbage, but maybe not...c'mon guys, collectively we can do this! I'm going to keep posting my thoughts, unless I get banned for some reason, because I really want to contribute. this riddle concept is truly amazing, and I just found out about it last night.

    I'm done for now. I'm gonna go play some tracks and have some fun. my brain is frying. I'm sorry for the infodump. I really am.
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    If you look at a replay in free camera and turn around from the start, you see a floating platform, and a ledge that says EXIT. has anyone gotten to this exit?? also at the start of the track you can see a 'no motorcycles' sign, I try to bail out left, bailing backward and try to crawl in that direction, but always get stuck in a pit..
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    That platform and exit sign are the maze you navigate for the Secret Agent challenge on that track.
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    Originally Posted by SkagBurner Go to original post
    I also have a feeling that Anba is giving clues through various social media. Actually, it seems kind of obvious
    As SkagBurner said, anba posted a trailer on his twitter account, it's for the "zero theorem" movie. He posted it with a simple hashtag "#trialsfusionsecret".

    Maybe there is some clues inside of the trailer, or inside the movie but i can't find anything.

    Oh also, a few hours ago, Ubi announce at the E3 conference a new DLC that come the 14th of july !

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    Mech Unleashed

    Watch replay of doing the Security Breach challenge. Once you see the Under Surveillance sign, go to free camera mode go towards "C2" checkpoint. (the eye on the sign will be looking in that direction.) You'll see a blinking exclamation point. Wait for the rider to cross that checkpoint, and then follow the floating battery symbol. It shoots you underneath the map. Make sure you are zoomed out all the way. It looks like **** and balls but I think there is more than that. While in replay mode you can also see a sign hinting toward spectral analysis of sound, also while in replay free cam look around at the surrounding buildings. I think I see a start to a QR code, and a sign that says to download language packs and speak fluently in seconds, only compatible with biotech cerebellum. If no one has seen any of this yet, it warrants heavy investigation.
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    Welcome Skagburner. You are in no way alone with the wild thoughts and theories we all have become familiar with in trying to untangle and solve this...

    I grabbed some screenshots of the symbols in Mech Unleashed, but some turned out incomplete, will try again another day perhaps. That challenge is very challenging for me.

    One of the images I meant to grab (but failed to do so) is of that "evolution of technology" science museum exhibit. One of the building posters shows an image not unlike a Rorschach test (appropriate if I do say so myself) and I got that, but another poster has three variations of that image, I considered attempting some image layering and toying around with it.

    The "QR" like code things could be futuristic vandalism or... perhaps a hidden message?

    Spoiler:  Show

    I found the square one above, and a circle one, I suspect another (maybe a triangle) and perhaps the glyphs inside them could work out to letters.

    In the one posted in the spoiler above, I can see potentially: I, N, G, O, B, E, A. It is very possibly nothing, or an inaccurate interpretation.

    I couldn't seem to follow the battery symbol quite like you mentioned, so I was unable to see any "balls" like representations, perhaps you could clarify that a bit.

    Better yet if you could record video, I wouldn't have to struggle over those blasted knobby things the giant robot shoots at.

    Again welcome to the forums, be mindful to not let the mystery overwhelm you.
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