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    I've been trying to migrate my save game files from the pc version.
    i copied over what i think are the save game files (looks like png image files) but they are not available in the load game menu.

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    The png files are merely the images that get shown in your savefile book. They are not the savefiles themselves, those have their own directory.
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    i was hoping maybe they had the save game info embedded in them, but oh well.
    I already found the save files on my windows pc, but they look like they have a different format then the mac save files.
    Ubisoft, can we get a conversion tool?
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    MMX Legacy MAC Hang

    Originally Posted by wisen79 Go to original post
    Wish I could open a ticket, but MMX is not listed under the Mac platform games list.


    I was able to solve my infinite loading problem by finding the MMX .app file -> Get Info -> check "Open in 32-bit mode"

    Hope this helps other Mac users!
    These hangs got worse and worse for me. I filed a ticket. They proposed a fix. I made the change, and that did not fix the problem. It has now been weeks with no update to the ticket. Very frustrating. (I cheated and opened the ticket initially claiming PC rather than MAC.)

    I would be happy to try the fix that is suggested above. But I can not find any text about 32-bit mode in the get info. Running Maverick on a MacBook Pro with retina.
    Any more specifics on where I look for the flag?

    Thank you,

    Update: I found the flag. I had to ask Steam for the game properties to find the actual running code, not the myriad indirect pointers. That code had the flag. I set it, and a very preliminary check indicates that it works better. Thank you very much for the suggestion.
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    same here

    I have the same problem on my Mac. The game freezes. What should I do? I tried to open a ticket but could not find the game
    in the list after the selection of MAC as platform...

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    I enjoy first to play with this game then suddenly realise that fights was harder and harder and some seems impossible to win !!! The cause was dwarf on my team loose his weapons !!! Can't know why ... That appear on his view but not use it ... I start all game with a second team ... It was more easy to move in differents place then I try to buy some sorts but they never appear in my weapons case and I can use only the first sorts I get at the start ... Without it's quite impossible to win some fight ... Then I'm blocked in Agyn and can't progress anymore ... I wait more about this game ... Just some hours to play and it's already finish !!!

    Hope you have answer to my problem !!! I got this game by Steam ...
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