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    I will include Pandora Tomorrow maps, but just so you know about me, I played Pandora Tomorrow maps on Chaos Theory, it's a whole different story. For example, River Mall might of been fun on PT, but on CT it sucks because the merc got tons of buffs and CamNet ruined that map for spies. Warehouse might of been fun on PT, when mercs had no bezerk/gas mask, but not I'd say Mercs have a 90% win chance on that map in CT.

    Pandora Tomorrow Favorite Maps:
    Mount Hospital - A decent balanced map, a lot of empty useless rooms which is annoying, and the mercs can get in the spy spawns, pretty dumb.
    Cinema - Just a decent map, not the best, but it's alright to play to have variety.

    Chaos Theory Favorite Maps:

    Polar Base - Loved this one, played it so much, I like it because the mercs can just keep rotating around the objectives and keep using teamwork instead of seperating (like in Club House, when 1 merc per floor). But it makes it harder for spies.
    Steel Squat - My most played map, most favorite map. It's just so fun to play. So many strategies.
    Orphanage - Used to play this a lot, loved playing it in ranked matches, one of my best maps.
    Club House - Basically your de_dust2 for CT. Everyone plays it, and pretty balanced.
    Museum - I disliked the PT version of this map, CT was a great improvement, with it's objective / security placement.

    Double Agent Favorite Maps:

    Red Diamond - most favorite
    Boss House - de_dust2 on DA, most played, it's a pretty badass map, kinda of ****ty spawn, but you can outsmart the merc.
    Secret Base - You can work the **** out of mercs on this map and confuse them love it in ranked matches, one of the only maps I used health instead of flashbangs/smokes, just so I can hack and confuse the mercs.
    Blackwing - Great map.
    M90 - Fun map, but mercs can use the skybox to throw grenades into the spy's spawn.

    I loved basically 80% of the maps in these games, they are all great, I probably would include every DA map, but tried to include my more favorite ones.
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    I'll just list my favorite maps of all time from all the games

    PT - Krauser Lab or Vertigo Plaza
    CT - Missile Strike
    DA - Boss House
    SCC - The DLC with the graveyard to the catacombs and then to the cathedral. (I absolutely LOVE this map. although the game itself is trash, the catacombs are a ****ing awesome place. Really the whole map is, but the catacombs were my favorite)
    SCB - Lebanese Hospital.
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    Those are my favorites:
    CT - Museum, Aquarius, Factory
    DA - Boss House
    SCBL - Lebanese Hospital, Virus Vault.
    Rly dark, creepy maps I love to play those in VMR mod, so dark and scary.. best for "shadow play".
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