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    I have a workaround, at least this worked for me! Simply go to the dashboard and choose Trials Fusion, don't start just yet. Press down twice and find some content information such as Season Pass etc. Now click on the "Hue Bike Upgrade". I noticed this "upgrade" had a UPlay logo!

    You will be taken to the PS4 web browser and navigated to UPlay.com. Log in using your credentials, they'll work this time.

    Next start Trials.. it worked for me!

    What I do find confusing is that my username in the Leaderboard is my PSN name and not Ericvf (UPlay), but UPlay is tracking progress and doing its thing.

    Let me know if this workS!!
    Worked for me too! Thanks!
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    Great find. I ended up going on my PC and logging on the UPlay site. When your logged in, go to account, at the bottom of the screen you can see you "linked" accounts. I added my PS4 username. closed Trails on the PS4 and rebooted and it worked. No pop up, leaderboards are working and its a go for me. Great job finding the work around.
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    Connecting to Ubisoft Account only works on PC and not on PS4

    I spent about 80 EUR on downloading Trials Fusion to my two playstations this week and now I have realized that I can't connect to my Uplay accounts (Ubisoft Accounts) from the playstations. Now it's impossible to play online. The accounts and passwords work perfectly on PC but not via PS4. Thank you, Ubisoft !! And a special thank to your IT Security Department. They should get a big bonus every month for the great job of blocking actual account owners (who have the correct login info) from their own accounts.
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    FIXED - Connecting to Ubisoft Account only works on PC and not on PS4

    Sorry for ranting so much earlier. I fixed my problem by creating two new Ubisoft accounts and I linked each of them to my PS4 accounts. The linking was done by first logging into one of the new Ubisoft accounts (via PC) and then directly afterwards logging into Ubisoft via my PS4 account (on the PC). Then the linking happened automatically.
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    Bobo_Gaming_YT: Sorry for the delay in getting to you, Bobo_Gaming_YT, but I'm glad to see that you have resolved your issue! If you continue to have trouble, please feel free to reach back out either here, Private Message , or by creating a support ticket here!
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