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    Bug or Physics? Brakes rotate bike in mid air

    While trying to complete the challenge in 'Turbines' where the requirement is to complete a run without fault and without leaning, I notice using the brake adjusts your rotation in mid air. Is this a bug or is this an effect of physics where the loss of centrifugal force in the wheels changes the balance of the bike?

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    Conservation of angular momentum dictates that the total rotation of the bike plus wheels should remain constant without outside influence. If you're in the air and you speed up the wheel(s) by revving the engine with the bike in gear, the bike should begin rotating backwards to balance the increased forward speed of the wheels. If the wheels are spinning forwards and you apply brakes, the momentum should be transferred to the bike and it should begin rotating forward as the wheels slow down.

    The transfer wont be exact as you have to consider mass ratios and radius from centre of mass (length) as well, but if the physics reflect real life even roughly you should see reactions to both throttle (speeding up the wheel(s)) and brakes. In fact, even if the gearbox is in neutral and the wheels aren't driven (not sure if this is possible in the game) the bike's attitude should respond to changes in engine speed.
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    Originally Posted by Tully__ Go to original post
    Conservation of angular momentum dictates that... ... ...
    Thanks for your response. The information you've provided is consistent with my experience. When braking in mid-air, a forward rotation is indeed the result and when throttling a backward rotation results. I'd experimented a bit more after having made this query.

    I quess I made my post to the wrong group. Apologies.
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