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  • It doesnt matter to me, I don't play online or compete with anyone.

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    If any maps become cross platform it would not be every single track it would probably only be red lynx pics and the featured section. Also remember that they took longer to upload the tracks from the fusion community to the Xbox 360, so it is probably not a 2 second process. Therefore they are probably not going to make every track cross platform, and it would cause alot of issues like I stated in the previous post. If they just pick and choose certain tracks to have cross platform, people will complain why their track is not on the list. If one person is assigned as a community leader to recommend tracks to be cross platform, many tracks will be left out. Therefore angering others. It is a fine line to walk, and in my opinion, is not as important as the other issues with the game at the moment.
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    thats exactly what i said previously... of course its no 2 second process, especially not for xbox 360. it has weaker hardware than any other used platform and you have to check first if the tracks run properly on that platform, like they do on next-gen systems & pc.
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