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    Games after Heroz

    Hey guys!

    Is anyone still here...?

    I was just wondering what games you all have moved onto in order to fill the Heroz void.

    Currently I've been playing:
    Angry Birds Friends: nice competitive game with weekly tournaments, 6 levels per week, highest points total wins.
    Darklings: very cool, Limbo-style game with a very interesting play style that I haven't seen in other games before
    Trails Fusion: getting hyped for it (I'll be playing it on 360, feel free to send an Xbox friend request if you're getting it so we can compete on the LBs!)
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    Yay still here, less so though. Just got Trials Frontier(AlvyRonson), which is great, have sent you a request, are you guys still playing it?

    but also playing

    Stampede run (Damian C)

    Scramble (Damncold)

    Social Chess (DamnCold)

    Scrabble via facebook, damian coldwell

    they all pass the time but part of me feels like im wasting time, not like when it was heroz...

    Hows you Dan?
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