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    FMX Trick challenges in Trials Tracks showing no trick info text at all.

    So I noticed there are a few "trick" challenges on normal Trials mode tracks like "Land Perfect Superman over River" on Cliffhanger , that one's fairly easy to do but here's where it gets complicated:

    There is no text indicator anywhere to show if you are actually doing the right trick or if the landing is perfect/great/decent etc.

    There are a few more trick challenges on tracks which aren't as simple as a superman. Right now there's only a visual pose and some tricks look pretty alike.

    Maybe make it optional to show trick text in Trials mode.

    I love the FMX tracks itself, and the interface there is clear.
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    That's the challenge. And I can assure you'll learn the names of all poses surprisingly fast and have no trouble doing them, it's like getting extreme tracks from 400 faults to 0 and laughing at your past self.
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