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    I also was a little confused with the tutorial, but I blame myself a little more than the game expecting actions a little more like OlliOlli on the Vita. I would like tricks to enable a hair quicker, but they do work great. After I realized what I was doing wrong I started doing really well pretty quickly. I absolutely love FMX and hope to see quite a bit of this in DLC and Track Central. I certainly don't want it to be a concentration, of course, but certainly more.
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    The tutorial honestly could be better, its a novel idea, but as far as actually practicing and learning tricks its not that good.
    My Suggestion?
    Have like 10 Ramps in a row, that give massive air like the ramp on "blimp my ride".
    The wind form the wind tunnel seems to move and push your bike in unexpected directions, and also offers an unrealistic scenario.
    The trick combos i pull off in my Current run consistently, are very hard for me to link together in the wind tunnel for whatever reason.

    Also NEWS FLASH: I just broke 200K on the FMX leaderboards lol, so yeah. I lost about 30k i think because on the 3rd jump for some reason i ended up doing coffin instead of dead body, which messed up my planned routine since i was supposed to finish with that X( And then when i tried to save it by doing slash at the end, it turned into going to heaven.............but whatevs. Good luck Friends lol
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    Originally Posted by mutetus Go to original post
    .........Just come back after two weeks and tell if the tricks are still difficult.
    Yes even after 2 weeks there are certain tricks that are hard to get (to the point of screaming), even when tried over...and over....and over, but the tricks have a very small roll over all so it shouldn't be too much of a bother to do what you have to, and never do it again
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    As a long-time Trials player, I've appreciated the addition of the tricks system. After playing with it for about 30 mins or so, it's not hard to consistently pull off what you're trying to do, as long as you're paying attention to the bike's orientation.

    I did have a question though. It seems that for the "Unyielding" challenges you're able to use tricks, which is EXTREMELY helpful. For example, if the bike is rotating counterclockwise in midair, you can flick the right stick quickly towards the front of the bike to add some clockwise rotational velocity and stop spinning. Once you get good at using tricks to fix your spin, unyielding becomes trivial. I was just wondering if this is intended or something that's going to be fixed?
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    Yes, once you become good at something, it becomes trivial lol. So whats your point?
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    Originally Posted by Vantier Go to original post
    Yes, once you become good at something, it becomes trivial lol. So whats your point?
    My point is that, in previous Trials games, unyielding / no lean tracks meant that you had to use your throttle and brake to control your rider's position. Tricks completely break that tradition, and are nearly as good as leaning.

    It was just an observation. No need to be rude about it, I was just wondering if it was an intentional change or a developer oversight.
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    With the release of the new content yesterday, The new skill game is essentialy the FMX training i was suggesting in an earlier post, so good job Red Lynx. Anyone that is having trouble with FMX, i Urge you to "Practice" in the new skill game, and completely ignore the FMX training after first passing it.
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    I'm really struggling with this on Xbox One. It just doesn't seem to work. I really hate this fake environment for the tutorial - I find it impossible to learn like this.

    The game doesn't adequately tell you what to do and there's really no reason why this should be a mandatory thing to continue progressing.

    I've asked my friends if they had problems - someone else did too and they just ended up waggling the thumbsticks until it worked.
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