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What do you experience after 0.9.4 ?
I have this exact issue.
As soon as there is smoke/fire/fog around the player area I get enormous frame drops.
This never happened during the last closed beta though, its a new phenomenon with the release version.
So there's clearly something with the game that have changed.
Also, it is impossible for me to disable vsync. If I do then the game will run in slow motion and there is horrible screen tearing.

EDIT: Just noticed another problem. Some maps starts out with an FPS cap of 30, slow motion no matter what...
Sometimes it clears out with a restart, most of the times it doesn't.

EDIT2: Also, another slight problem. The bike models/graphics takes around 10-15 sec to load. Was almost instant in closed beta.

My specs:
Core i7 4770k
Nvidia Geforce 780Ti
32gb DDR3
Windows 7 64bit
OS and games on SSDs
Nvidia Driver: 335.23 WHQL