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    Like I read by several people here and in other threads, I'm completely stuck at thr inquisitor boss battle. Just like many people, I have a hybrid party composition, by which I managed to defy any monster or boss in the game...now, I think that the presence in the DLC of a boss completely UNDEFEATABLE if your party isn't entirely magic-based is in my opinioni completely absurd. Not only I woul be forced to start a new game only for the sake of completing the DLC, but it also cuts out half of the game classes since the very beginning, if thi philosophy comes to stay. It was hard, but my party composed by paladin, archer, runepriest and shaman was able to overcome any fight in the same DLC...but facing the impossible, no one has a chance to win. Please, take a deep look at the balancing of that boss...if he stays alive I won't be even able to gain access to my true gear, and Many people won't be able to complete the game with their party.
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    Falcon & Unicorn - Where is the new dungeon?

    I am a pre-release player who finished Act IV and only recently saw a notice about extra content. I'd like to skip having to wander all over the place trying to figure out where the new content was added - so any clues on where to go to get to the new stuff would be appreciated!

    Thank you,
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    Just bought this DLC some days ago. I have to admit that it´s a huge disappointment in a balacing way. After getting some more information about some group composition from other players and other forums, without a well planned party and having the right buffs at hand (!) it is now over for me. I play with the standard party generated. I have no access to Fire Magic, since i focused on Primary and Light.

    The fight with Perren took me 40-50 attempts until i got lucky, that i killed the two thugs without falling asleep or such a thing.

    Caindale is even worse. Hitting the party that strong, that after 1 cast the freemage dies makes no sense to me. Having to spend all actions to potions, healing the group and so on, does not feel right. I got him down, after manipulating the HP in the resource file for him.

    Then there comes this Summer-Palace Fight... This is where i stopped playing. No chance with a standard party, without having huge amounts of scrolls with spells to use. Balancing is awful i have to admit.

    When you see caster groups cutting throug this, siomething seems not right.

    The 4.29€ was not very much, but i will not buy any DLC again, without information on the forums or more balancing again.

    MM X is good, the DLC is just horrible.
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    Please, could anyone post a tutorial about how to make the twist that UbisoftBasilisk used to get Caindale down? I know that's unfare, and I don't like any kind of cheating, but I am completely stuck for reasons that go beyond the gameplay itself, and many people are in the same sad situation. I don't know if the developers will ever put a fix to this, but until then this could be the only way to complete the DLC without having to start a whole new party...and I spare you all what I could think about a game which offers an array of classes but couldn't be beaten by all of them...
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    1. Exit Game

    2. Go to this path (replace the first folder with the ones you installed to) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Might & Magic X - Legacy\Might and Magic X Legacy_Data\StreamingAssets\StaticData"

    3. Make a copy of "MonsterStaticData.csv" (to have all values at hand if something wents out of control)

    4. Open the file for editing and search for "caindale"

    5. There are SEVERAL Numbers and Spell Names following the Entry. Search for "Prefabs/Creatures/DLC_1/Caindale". The "DLC_1" marks all Creatures in the DLC

    6. Search for an unusual high number after "BOSS,1". I believe it is 7708. This is the number of Hit-Points the Creature has.

    7. Change the number to 250 or something you think feels good and save.

    8. Start the Game and fight.
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    How in the world do I beat Caindale near the roof of the Fort?
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    i bought the game and was surprised in a good way - long time i didnt play an old school rpg.
    The game itself is very good, but it has balance issues, especially the DLC

    For the record, i finished on warrior difficulty at lvl *34*. I greatly suggest attemping the DLC at a later level, it was brutal.

    melee classes are mainly disavantaged in term of dps, and ranged is useless. I'd suggest only one melee dps in your party.

    my party :

    - paladin --> for the extra buffs and heals. Awesome for the ressurect, but i could buy scroll and get a bladedancer, i guess.
    - barbarian --> good dps. get the vampiric armor.
    - druid --> awesome. easiest class quest, too.
    - mage --> considering there are ways to see secrets and prime is moderatly uber, i'd suggest a better dps class.
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