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    Might & Magic X - Legacy: The Falcon & The Unicorn, Now available!

    The time has come Adventurers!

    Discover right now a whole new chapter of your quest in the Agyn Peninsula with Might & Magic X - Legacy : The Falcon & The Unicorn!

    Face new enemies and explore new dungeons to solve the dark mystery that could change the fate of Ashan forever…

    Available today on http://bit.ly/1dHdlli and automatically unlocked for all Deluxe Edition owners!

    Concerning the Might & Magic X – Legacy Mac version, we are sorry to announce that we had to extend the testing period to secure & improve game compatibility with this platform.
    We will keep you updated about this topic in the following days.

    Your M&M Team.


    Patch note:

    4.7. 1.5 version release note.

    o New Content:
    • The Falcon and the Unicorn DLC content:
    • 7 new quests
    • New exclusive dungeons:
    • Fort Laegaire
    • Summer Palace
    • New enemies from the Haven faction
    • New monster spells/abilities:
    • Sun Ray - Deals Light Magic damages to all party members.
    • Martyr - Passive Ability. When this monster dies, all other monsters on the same tile get the "Hour of Justice" buff.
    • Celestial Armor - Adds the "Celestial Armor" buff to a single monster on the same tile. Prevents damages that would be dealt to the monster.
    • Hour of Justice - Adds the "Hour of Justice" buff to a single monster on the same tile. Increases target monster's Melee and Ranged Damage Values, Magic Power and Attack Values.
    • Mass Heal - Heals all monsters on the same tile.
    • Pacification - Apply “Sleeping” condition to the targeted character.
    • Piercing Strike - Every successful strike has a chance to ignore a part of the targeted character’s armor value. Always applied with a critical strike.
    • Unstoppable Strike - Melee block attempts will always fail and the block chance value is reduced.

    • New features and improvements:
    • “Fast travel” system with the Obelisks. Once activated, you can enter the name of another activated Obelisk, and the party will be teleported to that corresponding Obelisk.
    • Map notes are now also visible on the World map
    • Spirit Beacon spell can now be used only on the Outdoor areas and in the Cities. It can’t be casted during a combat or in dungeons anymore.
    • New Visual and Sound FX for Spirit Beacon spell.
    • Faceless creature can now cast “Dark Nova” spell.
    • Repair/Identify screen and process optimizations.
    • Name of the current level/region on the top of the Area Map.
    • New Two-handed weapons variations
    • New Warfare Ability: Furious Blow – You perform a melee attack with a percentage of additional damages per mana point consumed.
    • Save system – close the save window after successfully saving a game and print game message “Game Saved”

    o Bug fixes:
    • The UI of the tooltip of Spirit Beacon spell is improper.
    • Monster (Elite) Faceless is invisible and the combat turn gets freeze when it spawns in Ker Thal.
    • Get guidance service from Madame Cassandra won't consume any gold.
    • The two NPCs in Tomb of Thousand Terror (level 5) are not available when the party first gets into the house.
    • Party can exit Tomb of Thousand Terrors without triggering the dialog with Eruina.
    • In the Limbo Dungeon, the token "The Other Eye of Goros" won't be removed after using it.
    • Monsters which can apply the condition - Sleep is not available.
    • Nothing happens when interacting with Fountains and Statues the next daytime if the daytime comes in another map.
    • Certain quest tokens which can be purchased for the second time shouldn't reappear.
    • Party cannot get the quest reward when the inventory is full.
    • The NPCs using the models Black Guard and Black Guard Captain are invisible in Karthal.
    • The required cost for travel and coach shown in NPCs' dialog is improper.
    • "Identify All Items" doesn't work if the number of the items is less than the number which identified for the first time.
    • The tooltip of the slot to equip main hand weapon is improper.
    • The window for purchase spells is disordered after reordering the characters' portrait.
    • The spell “Spirit Beacon” can be cast in Karthal under Siege and cause blocker.
    • The quest "The Secret of the Obelisks" cannot be completed, for the quest cannot be updated when visiting the 2nd obelisk.
    • The special effect of equipment named "Provocation" is not functional.
    • The options in NPC's dialog are still clickable, after the Repair / Identify Items interface is opened.
    • The symbol of Spirit Beacon on mini map will vanish after changing maps, or performing save & load.
    • The NPC Yeshtar in the Tomb of Thousand Terrors (level 5) (9,11) cannot give the quest Memory Lane to the party.
    • The Expert & Master Tier bonus effect of the skill "Arcane Discipline" is improper.
    • The game freezes after entering certain dungeons which have a conversation at the entrance.
    • The cutscene won't play after killing Markus Wolf in Vigil 1.
    • The ongoing quest "Peninsula Incognita" cannot be completed.
    • Game freezes when characters cast the Warfare abilities without equipping melee weapons.
    • The bark to remind the nearby secret shouldn't trigger again if the secret was already opened.
    • The SFX of identifying will be out of frame, when the party has more than 1 page unidentified items.
    • The last day(Ylda) of every month in Calendar is debug info.
    • The outline of secret of Perception still remains after solving the secret.
    • The HUD is improper under 1920*1080 resolutions.
    • The tooltip of spell: Liquid Membrane cannot match its actual effect.
    • Windsword's promotion ability "Perfect Strike" is not functional.
    • The hireling Zhin won't increase the amount of Gold the party found and inconsistent with the description in the tooltip.
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    pvaliunas1's Avatar Member
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    Why Doesn't MMXL: F & U appear in Uplay or Steam (so I've seen posted) stores?
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    It shows as unactivated for me in the extras.

    EDIT: Turns out if I enter the original key in the DLC's key entry field, it works!
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    Wish I could buy the DLC though....been itching for more content....
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    Perhaps would be better to include free DLC (for deluxe owners) under "Deluxe Content" menu in Uplay game screen to make DLC install optional.
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    BTW - Latest News on "official" website still not updated @ 22:00 GMT
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    Just finished the DLC, I really wanted more. Though the empty space left in my gaming heart is not caused by the DLC more from my hunger for MMX content. I lIked the changes especially the notes appearing on the world map, loading screen is awesome. The story is a bit cheesy and the secrets are lacking, I was hoping for more relics and maybe a elemental forge spin. Still not sure if lv 40 is reachable but I'll have to do a optimized run to check. Love the final screen, really increases the replay value for me. All in all I really liked it. I Hope and pray we get more content and that the game does well enough to get another instalment. Thanks Limbic <3
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    You have already finished it?. Wow. That's what I call FAST.
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    Lets just say that an all magic party really benefits from the level design
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    Originally Posted by shop3856A4382 Go to original post
    Lets just say that an all magic party really benefits from the level design
    Exactly the opposite with an all-might party. Getting feebleminded and poisoned without any possibility to cure that makes beating the dungeon impossible. At least the vendors should have some potions curing these effects. My party does like 15-20dmg per hit on the enemies in melee as they totally lack their old equip while the new enemies have like 1.5x the hit points of an elite faceless.
    My guess it's piece of cake for a bunch of Freemages...
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